ignite_Miami_small Logo Jeff ZelayaIgnite Miami officially gave birth on the evening of Tuesday, May 29th. The Design District’s “The Stage” was filled at capacity with an audience in the hundreds. The goal of the night was to inspire, educate and engage the audience. Mission Accomplished!

Let’s re-live the most memorable moments of Ignite Miami through my carefully selected Top 10 Tweets List. 

10) Adam Boalt kicked off #IgniteMia as the first speaker of the first Ignite Miami. Quite a bit of pressure but he rose to the occasion with his presentation on “Hacking Innovation” rBB PR summed up his presentation quite well with the tweet below.

rBB Ignite Miami Tweet


9) Annush nailed it with the tweet below. The energy in the room was ELECTRIC! I know now why they call it Ignite….they were sparks of energy everywhere.

Annush Tweet - Ignite Miami


8 ) We could have made a fortune for charity if we would have followed David’s advice in the tweet below. We all know that there is no censoring the famous Carlos Miller. In all I counted about 8 F Bombs.  C’mon Carlos…you can do better than that. Let’s aim for at least 10 next time.

David Bisset Tweet about Carlos Miller

7) Maria de Los Angeles talked about the Little #Hashtag that could. How global ideas can start right in our backyard. Dr. Geeta Nayyar summed up her presentation in the tweet below. Maria you killed me when you actually played the It’s a Small world after all song. Nice touch!

Maria de los Angeles it's a small world after all

6) One of my favorite presentations was Gladys Diaz’s “Ignite Your Love Life”. She provided great practical advice and as a newlywed I really appreciate all the great tips that she shared. Betcha your butt I took some very good notes during her presentation. Message me if you want them. My favorite tip is below! Women listen to Gladys!!!

Women Keep it to Headlines

5) Ignite Miami would not have been possible without an appropriate venue. Thanks to the Stage Miami for provided a great space. For many it was their first time there but I’m sure it won’t be their last. The Stage Miami even created a special Ignitor drink for the event. How freaking cool is that? Yes, I agree @AmyStarlight

Amy Starlight Lawrence Ignite Miami Tweet The Stage

4) David Bisset was one of my favorite twitters of the night. Notice he made my top 10 list twice. That’s just as many times as the “face eating/zombie” story came up tonight. Leave it to #IgniteMia to be relevant and current. But yea…I agree it is too soon. Could we at least have waited till next week?

Face Eating Story

3) Jenny Lee Molina’s talk was about crossing things off your bucket list. She was an exemplary leader by checking off two things off her bucket list in 5 minutes. She did public speaking in front of the biggest crowd ever and she followed that up by giving away $100 to a stranger in the audience. Well done Jenny Lee! Now you know how Oprah feels when she gives away stuff.

Fat Girl Hedonist Jenny Lee Tweet

2) As you can tell from all these fabulous tweets the #ignitemia hashtag was really busy that night. So much so that we started trending in #Miami according to @Allantd’s tweet below.

IgniteMIA trending in Miami

1) And the number one tweet of the night goes to Brenda Leguisamo! She summed up exactly how I felt. A BIG HUGE THANK YOU, to Alex DC, Janie C and Lori Todd for organizing this amazing event and making the vision come alive. Love you guys!

Brenda Leguisamo Ignite Miami Alex DC JanieC Lori Todd


What were YOUR favorite moments of the night? Leave your comments below.