Thank you Letter Note

Thank you’s are very powerful! Sincere gratitude has the ability to make somebody’s day and to help you build a good relationship. I have found that the more grateful and thankful I am the more I receive. People like to feel important and appreciated. Taking the time to give a person a sincere and heart felt THANK YOU can make all the difference.

LinkedIn recommendations have become a form of Thank you for me. When I give a presentation or help a client achieve remarkable results I ask them to recommend my work as a “Thank You”. When they write me a recommendation they are indirectly and sometimes directly thanking me for the lessons that I’ve taught them or for the business that we’ve partnered up on. As of today I have received over 120 recommendations making me one of South Florida’s most recommended marketing consultants and public speaker. 

Although online Thank You’s and LinkedIn recommendations are nice they fall short to the kind of reaction and emotions that a nice handwritten note can deliver. Today, I received a hand written note from Kim Mills the VP of Product Marketing at Career Partners International. She wanted to thank me for a Social Media presentation that I delivered for her organization. The unexpected note brought a big smile to my face and filled me with a warm fuzzy feeling that only a genuine acts of kindness can bring.

LinkedIn recommendations and thank you emails are nice! But if you really want to stand out and differentiate yourself in this digital world take the time to hand write a thank you note. Trust me – it can make all the difference!


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