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Sales 2.0 Speaker at 2014 BXSI Annual Sales Conference

I’m beyond excited to be presenting at the upcoming 2014 BXSI Annual Sales Conference.

BancorpSouth Insurance Services has booked me

as their featured Sales 2.0 speaker.

Sales 2.0 Speaker - Bancorpsouth Sales Speaker

As my 2014 Social Selling Speaking Tour continues I am thrilled to be seeing an increasingly amount of awareness and acceptance of Sales 2.0. The top sales manager and sales executives understand that sales is evolving and changing. The high pressure, fast talking, “salesy” tactics are not as effective as they might have been in the past and if you use them today the only thing you will “close” is the door behind you as you leave  the prospect’s office with no sale, no relationship and a bad reputation!

As technology like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and smart phones change consumer behavior and the buying decisions so should the way salespeople use these channels to their advantage. Social selling is no longer in its infancy and now there is solid proof and detailed social selling case studies that conclude what many like myself have already witnessed first hand…

Social Selling is here to stay because it gets results!

Only those salespeople that adapt will be able to survive and thrive in a technology & data driven world. The Sales Management at BancorpSouth Insurance Services has made the decision that they want their sales reps prepared and educated for Sales 2.0 and that’s exactly what I will be doing come this Friday, August 8th in Jackson, Mississippi. Looking forward to hanging out with the hundred of BancorpSouth team members that will be present for the 2014 BXSI Annual Sales Conference. I’m BRINGING IT! So I hope you guys are ready!! :-)

About BancorpSouth Insurance Services

BancorpSouth Insurance Services is powered by BancorpSouth Bank; a wholly-owned subsidiary of BancorpSouth Inc., a $13.4 billion-financial holding company based in Tupelo, Mississippi. Business Insurance magazine ranks BXSI as the nation’s 33rd largest brokerage and the 4th largest bank-owned agency. BXSI has 33 offices across 9 states with over 600 insurance and risk management professionals ready to serve.

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Personal Branding Speaker Reel

Personal Branding Speaker Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya

Do you need a professional, HIGHLY


personal branding speaker for your event?

Watch professional public speaker, Jeff Zelaya rock the crowd as he talks about Personal Branding with this group of college students. Jeff’s story resonates and motivates the audience to take action towards success. Contact him today for booking info or go to to learn about his special workshops and trainings for universities and colleges.


TRSA Sales & Marketing Summit 2014 Speakers

I’m excited to be a featured LinkedIn speaker at the 2014 TRSA Annual Sales Conference:

Social Selling Speaker Jeffrey Zelaya TRSA

If you’re attending the TRSA Sales & Marketing Summit come ready to learn the latest strategies & techniques around personal branding, social media, social selling and of course LINKEDIN. Besides my LinkedIn presentation you’ll also hear from from various digital marketing, branding and sales subject matter experts. They will be presenting topics that are of great value to business men and women that are looking to increase their company’s awareness, lead generation, revenue, customer satisfaction & of course….PROFIT! (What professional in sales & marketing isn’t looking to do this?)

Some of the most interesting topics and sessions that I will personally be checking out are the ones on: generating & qualifying leads using internet tools & using the latest business intelligence technology to gain a more intimate knowledge of a potential customers’ needs. This event has some great speakers and you defintely don’t want to miss this if you’re a TRSA member that’s involved in sales & marketing.

Here is an excerpt of the speaker lineup for the TRSA Sales & Marketing Summit 2014 (see full line up here)


Jeffrey Cufaude Profile Picture

Jeffrey Cufaude

Jeffrey Cufaude, Principal, Idea Architects
“Increase Sales through Sharing and Serving”

Troy Harrison Profile Pic

Troy Harrison

Troy Harrison, President, SalesForce Solutions
“Smart Sales Hiring”

Aldy Keene Profile Picture

Aldy Keene

Andrew Steiner AmeriPride Services

Andrew Steiner

Aldy Keene, Loyalty Research Group & Andrew Steiner, AmeriPride Services
“Value of Measuring Customer Relationships”


Justin Goodman Profile Picture

Justin Goodman

Justin Goodman, Digital Analytics Strategist @ Analytics Pros
“Internet Marketing”


LinkedIn Expert Profile Picture: Jeffrey Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya, Senior Sales Manager @ Triblio
“Leveraging LinkedIn to Build Your Business”

This year the TRSA Sales & Marketing Summit will also feature 30 minute speed networking/ learning sessions focused around product marketing & building business relationships. The committee for the TRSA Sales & Marketing Conference is excited about all the confirmed textile services company owners, executives, sales managers and marketing managers that have already confirmed their attendance.

The event begins on a Thursday, July 17, 2014 and runs through Friday afternoon, July 18. This year’s conference will be held at: Baltimore Harbor Hotel, 101 West Fayette Street • Baltimore, MD 21201 (See Google map below)

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Getting to Know Jackie Jimenez – The Innovative Consultant

Meet Miami’s Leading WordPress and Integrated Marketing Expert Jackie Jimenez

The Innovative Consultant, Jackie Jimenez provides online marketing services to local & international businesses.

Connect with Jacqueline Jimenez on twitter at

Jackie’s Mission is to:

To increase client satisfaction and brand growth through innovative marketing solutions through the following service:

-Social Media Community Management
-Marketing Strategy & Planning
-Website Development / WordPress installation
-Facebook Ads
PR Outreach
-Email marketing
-SEO Consulting
-Brand Development onlineVisit The Innovative Consultant at

Here’s a Transcript of Our Interview

Jackie: Hi everyone. My name is Jackie Jimenez. I am the CEO and Founder of The Innovative Consultants and also launching Innovate WordPress which is a new WordPress training program and webinar series for business owners, entrepreneurs, anyone who actually has a WordPress site who wants to take it to the next level as well as wants to learn marketing.

I am launching and I’m going to be training clients as well as within the webinars on integrating marketing with WordPress, so some future topics are actually ecommerce sites. That’s in January that I’m doing with Rick Solari. We’re both the WordPress South Florida co-organizers for the group and WordCamp Miami.  I’m a public speaker as well and I look forward to innovating WordPress with you.

Jeff: Jackie, we’re so excited. We know you just got off an amazing back to back to back speaking engagements on your tour for WordPress. Tell us more about what you learned from that experience and the feedback that you got from the people that were in your audience.

Jackie: It started at Web Congress Miami. That was two and a half weeks ago and I spoke. It was a two-day conference. It was a two-hour workshop that myself and Karla Campos did and we just spoke about integrating marketing with WordPress. Our talk was about video, photo, content marketing strategy and different plugins to use with WordPress to drive traffic to your site.

Last week, I spoke at WordCamp Orlando and I traveled up there with Karla as well and we talked – about it was Field of Dreams Strategies to Enhance Your WordPress Site. A lot of different tactics as far as driving traffic to your site and keeping people on your site, user experience, and recently I actually got invited to WordCamp Raleigh and it was pretty interesting because I believe I’m going to have to check – I think it’s the first talk, Google Hangout panel that was actually done.

So I invited Nile Flores who’s a developer in the Midwest and she has spoken at 11 WordCamps. Dirigo Creative, Jake St. Peter, the CEO, he invited me to talk. He was physically there at WordCamp Raleigh and then he did a Google Hangout with us and we talked all about WordPress and video. It was great.

Jeff: Wow. So when you’re talking about representatives in the audiences, mixed levels of knowledge, right? Some people are very advanced users. Others intermediate. Some are just getting started. So maybe people that are watching this video today, they are brand new to WordPress. They’ve heard of it but don’t really know too much about it. How would you introduce WordPress to a newbie?

Jackie: I would suggest for them to start on actually. Fiver years ago, that’s how I got started with WordPress. Really get to know the platform, how to create a post, how to create a page or categories or tags, how to integrate video, photos, create a gallery for your widgets.

You’re limited on You can’t really have plugins. That extends your site to have more features and once you build up content on, you can actually transfer it to a self-hosted site, so it would be like your name dot com instead of your name dot WordPress dot com which WordPress owns. I would suggest to do that. Any business owner that wants their own business site, I highly suggest to have a self-hosted site and talk to a developer or talk to someone that’s knowledgeable and be able to brand your business or product on a self-hosted site. Now with, that’s the self-hosted platform. It’s a little learning curve as far as getting to know it but it’s achievable to be able to build your own site or hire someone and focus on your business.

Jeff: So how long have you been in the WordPress world Jackie?

Jackie: The community itself, I’m going on two years. The WordPress South Florida group …

Jeff: Two very busy years, right?

Jackie: Two very – WordPress South Florida group, we grew from 315 members last February. We quadrupled it. It’s over 1250 members here in South Florida. Amazing, amazing community. WordCamp Miami, I planned this year in April. WordPress itself, I’ve been blogging for five years now. So in general, five years but the community, two years.

Jeff: Awesome. WordPress is changing everyday. There are new developments, new updates. How do you stay up to date with all the stuff that’s going on? Are there any thought leaders or influencers that you tend to follow and learn from?

Jackie: I suggest to people actually. Syed Balkhi, he spoke at WordCamp Miami. He helped organize it. He’s a WordPress public speaker. He owns a couple of domains, authority domains on the subject. WP Beginner has a couple of tutorials for beginners how to use the certain plugin or how to use a certain feature of WordPress. There is also There’s podcasts that talk about WordPress and a lot of WordPress developers that I know that are the core WordPress – or Automatic. That’s the company that owns WordPress. That’s who I learned from, the actual core developers who build the platform but I would suggest for them to do some research. Even has a lot of content in blog posts that could help someone kind of get immersed in it.

Jeff: So having a website, that’s one half of the equation. The other half like we were talking about before is marketing. It’s like having a grand opening, a nice restaurant, but no one knows you’re there. No one knows that you’re open that day. What’s the point? You could have the nicest restaurant in the world and no one is going to come by and buy food from you. So let’s talk a little bit about the other side of the equation, the marketing and the integrated and the content marketing. What’s your experience doing that and what would you recommend for people that are getting into the marketing of their website?

Jackie: Well Jeff, you’re doing a great job because video itself, I did some research for my Web Congress presentation. I’m shocked.  Two years ago, three years ago, it used to be like 46 percent of marketers, 44, something like that. We’re using video in the marketing strategy. It has literally doubled. There are 86 percent of marketers that use video in their strategy and it’s huge. YouTube itself is the number two site in the world. It’s owned by Google. I’m a big proponent on Google Plus as well for the social media strategy. Really with integrated marketing it comes down to content, a lot of content creation and sending it out in different networks.

Someone on Facebook might find your content on your page or someone that uses Twitter might find it. You really need to broaden your reach and for SEO strategy, a lot of social media sites send traffic to your website. There are also press releases, articles, guest blogging, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, a lot of keyword research. You see it really is integrating a lot of different strategies and blending it all together but that’s what I do. But I would suggest the business owners to focus on their target market first. Focus on who’s their potential customer and develop strategies from there on how to reach them.

Jeff: Excellent. So how do you measure success with your clients or ones that you’ve helped get on WordPress? What’s the benchmark that they’re most focused on and then you as the consultant, as the innovative consultant, what do you push? How do you measure how successful you were in helping them launch your project?

Jackie: So typically with clients that already have a website and they’re looking for a redesign or to build a new site, Google Analytics is very important to track your progress. You can actually set goals on your site and see like if you send out an email blast one day. You could see the spike in growth and you can create an annotation saying this was my email blast.

Once the clients learn Google Analytics, they like to look at their traffic and how it grows. Myself for social media, I actually use Sprout Social. I use a couple of reporting tools and create benchmarks month to month, say OK, I want to grow this many Facebook likes and this much traffic. Set goals with what you’re doing and improve upon that strategy.

Jeff: Awesome. Now, in the South Florida market, we know there are a lot of upcoming speakers and marketers and people that are teaching WordPress or website design. Who are some of the folks that you work with and get inspired by and also do some inspiring to?

Jackie: Well, it would be remised if I didn’t mention Karla. I’ve spoken with her at Niche Parent in September. With Blanca too, Blanca Stella Mejia, she’s great. She’s very personable, very knowledgeable in social media.

As far as WordPress, I go to the WordPress developers. There’s actually a core developer of Woo Commerce which is the ecommerce platform for WordPress. So I literally go to the sources, the people that actually develop or build these products and locally in South Florida, I really like what Sebastian Rusk is doing. I have known him for a long time, three years, and he has now branded himself as a host of different conferences and it’s a perfect fit for him because he’s very personable. He has done workshops, social media. He’s actually launching a book. He got a publishing deal. So he’s doing well. Alex DC, he’s the Constant Contact South Florida representative. He is very knowledgeable in social media strategy. He’s a co-author in a book as well, Securing the Clicks. So those are some of the people I go to.

Jeff: You’re part of that same company because these are your friends. Not just business partners but people that you are very closely tied with. So people that are watching this video, they only have time to listen to one WordPress tip. What would that tip be Jackie?

Jackie: Back up your site. Please set automatic backups. There are a couple of options. I will give you two. is great. You can set your site to send your database. The old point of backing up your site is just in case anything happens, if you update to the latest version of WordPress and something breaks or if your developer breaks the code, you can revert to your changes and replace your site. For migrations too, you want to back up your site. So you’re moving up from domain to domain. For security reasons, that’s my tip and the other one is Backup Buddy. That’s a premium plugin. So I would say back up your site and if you don’t know how to do it, Google it or ask me.

Jeff: Or you can ask Jackie, exactly. Well Jackie, thanks so much for spending some time with us and doing this video. We appreciate your time and let people know how they could connect with you.

Jackie: So the new site I’m launching is You could sign up for my newsletter and my next webinar is actually next Monday, December 2nd. You could search my name on there and I’m @InnovateWP and my personal Twitter is @JackieJ04, and my website

Jeff: Awesome. Thank you so much Jackie.

Jackie’s Most Recent PRWEB Press Releases:

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Jacqueline Jimenez Joins Miami Public Speakers

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Special Shoutouts in this video interview were given to:

Karla Campos

Blanca Stella Mejia

Alex DC

Sebastian Rusk

10 Qualities of Top Producers

Speaker Jeff Zelaya Delivering Qualities of Top ProducersFirst Presented on 11/29/13 at Florida International University

Ever wondered why some people are successful at producing a great amount of value for themselves and others? I was very intrigued as to why this was this case. After many years of experience and education I believe the following to be the undeniable:

Qualities of Top Producers


Remember TOP PRODUCER is not all about the $$$. It’s about the value you generate.

10) Top Producers are Goal Setters

Do you know your goal by heart? Do you have it written down? If your goal is not written down and somewhere where you can see it every day then it’s not really a goal just a wish. Click here if you want to learn more about how to optimize your goal setting. Top Producers know what they are aiming for and have that image of themselves accomplishing their goal so sharp and crisp that it’s a blu-ray compared to the average person’s VHS.  Embrace the challenge and set goals that push you beyond your comfort zone. Average people set bare minimum goals while Top Producers set STRETCH goals (it’s the reach of the stretch that makes them grow).

Blu Ray Goals


9) Top Producers are Persistent

Dr. Martin Luther King was a top producer, his work and life generated value that is still being appreciated today. His great accomplishments did not come easily and MLK heard a lot of NO’s and NO’s with expletives.  MLK knew his value proposition and was confident that this is the solution to creating a better future for us all. His persistence and dedication persuaded an entire country. You cannot beat a man that refuses to give up! He wasn’t pushy or self serving instead he was persistent and was looking out for everyone’s best interests and benefit.


8) Top Producers are Driven

This boils down to “How bad do you want it?” (if you haven’t seen ET the Hip Hop Preacher STOP right now and just watch this. Understanding ET’s message will be more valuable than anything else I’ve got to say here) are you willing to give up sleep, to put in the hard & long work, to do whatever it takes to reach your goal. Fully committing to success and to your goals is what drive is all about. The quote below is one of my favorite quotes from ET The Hip Hop Preacher which I keep framed on my wall at the office.

[Tweet “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful – Eric Thomas”]

7) Top Producers Save & Invest

Prospects and potential partners smell desperation a mile away. Never get caught in the position where you just “MUST” close the deal. A top producer is never afraid to walk away from the negotiation table. A top producers values their time and wants to invest in the opportunities that can yield the highest return for the lowest investment, let me be clear:

[Tweet “”It’s always about the ROI” – Jeff Zelaya”]

Top producers make it a priority to invest in themselves through books, seminars, networking and trainings.

[Tweet “Go the extra mile to become more valuable through education and relationships. – Jeff Zelaya #Motivation #Quote”]

[Tweet ““The First 40 hours of work per week are for survival. Everything after that is for success.” — Thomas Edison #Motivation #Quote”]

Top producers seek to help and invest in others because they know that in doing so they will receive a greater return than just increased profits. Remember it’s always about the ROI!

6) Top Producers are Knowledgable

[Tweet “”You don’t know what you don’t know until you learn what you didn’t know.” – Jeff Zelaya”]

Top producers seek to become knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • Their product/service
  • Their industry
  • Their competition
  • Their prospect
  • Their partners

A sales rep will transform into an expert consultant when they are knowledgeable in these 5 areas and use the acquired knowledge to share an unbiased recommended solution that is perfectly tailored for the benefit of all parties.

5) Top Producers have a Positive Attitude

You can’t win them all and you will face challenges. very tough and difficult challenges that at times might seem insurmountable and impossible. The only thing that can get you through these valleys is when you make the decision to always look and FOCUS at the positive side of every situation you encounter. Live life exuding positivity and positive things will happen. Don’t ask me to explain how it works, you just have to try it yourself. Commit to 21 days of  generating and exuding unwavering positive energy and watch what happens to your life.

4) Top Producers have Confidence

Would you buy a Mercedes Benz if the car sales person helping you drove a Lexus? If you are not confident enough in your product/service to buy it yourself then you should NOT BE selling it. Total confidence and belief in your offering is the single most important persuasive argument you could ever make. If you confidence wavers so will the affirmative decision of the client.

3) Top Producers are Organized

If you can’t stay on top of and control your commitments and  meetings, you’ll never be a top producer.

[Tweet “”Rules to Success: #1 Show up, #2 Make sure it’s at the right place” – Jeff Zelaya”]

Time being the most precious resource for top producers has to be organized and managed appropriately to maximize your ROI (Remember: it’s all about the ROI). Top producers are efficient and accomplish more with less! What you gain by being organized is time, money and headaches. Just do it or get someone that you trust to help you stay organized.  Organize your accounts, relationships, commitments, finances and watch your ROI grow.

2) Top Producers have Excellent Communication Skills

Do you know what the most important communication skill is (hint: it’s not speaking or writing), the Top Producer knows that having top notch LISTENING skills is what helps them be able to add more value to the conversation.

[Tweet “”Asking great questions, listening to those answers and giving insightful feedback is what helps relationships succeed.” “]

Top Producers also know that there are several forms of communications that they have to master if they want to reach their goal.

Tortoise and the Hare

1)Top Producers Work Hard AND they work SMART.

I learned work ethic from my step dad. He worked very hard (and long) to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. Working hard is not enough, you need to work smart too.

[Tweet “”Hard work beats talent but hard work AND talent beat everybody else. ” – Jeff Zelaya”]

One of my favorite Aesop stories is the one about the tortoise and the hare. We all know that the tortoise won the race….but what if you were a hare that had the tortoise mentality, heart and work ethic. Who would win the race then? Find out what you are a “hare” at doing and then apply the “tortoise”

BONUS) Top Producers know their WHY and that’s how they stay motivated. This post explains it all.

See SlideShare Below:

10 Qualities of a Top Producer presented by Jeff Zelaya from Jeffrey Zelaya

Martin Luther King Jr’s Dream Realized

dr-martin-luther-king-jr dream realizedWatch this amazingly inspiring speech by my cousin Reggie Liger. Reggie is quite the role model. He is a Georgia Tech alum. As the second oldest of 4 siblings he is looked up to and always being sought out for advice and guidance. He is a terrific young man and full of potential. Check out this video and see why he believes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream has been realized. Do you agree that MLK’s dream has been realized?

The videographer behind this beautiful piece of work happens to be no other than Mr. Ronny Law. To check out some more of his video click here.

Keep MLK’s dream alive: Sign up to volunteer today!

Florida International University EPI Graduation – Keynote Address – Jeff Zelaya

{VIDEO} Jeff Zelaya @ FIU – Social Media for College Students Workshop

Thank you to everyone that came out to Florida International University for the social media workshop! I hope you had fun & learned alot. It was a great turnout & I REALLY appreciate everyone’s support & feedback. :) THANK YOU! ♥

Next stop on the tour is Broward College on December 2nd – South Campus – Breezeway Room – 11am

Also – for for the first 3 that leave a comment below I will send you the book “WordPress for Dummies” so you can learn all that the cool tips, tricks and techniques to revamp your site for FREE. Leave a comment – then click the pic below:

I AM EXCITED!! Today is the day.


Jeff Zelaya is Miami’s Top Social Media Consultant and an Expert Social Media Speaker. If you would like to learn more about booking him for your next event click here.

REMINDER: November 10th @ 7pm

You can RSVP HERE or on Facebook HERE


Jeff Zelaya is a social media consultant and one of LinkedIn’s Most Recommended Marketing Consultant and Social Media Speakers.