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Are you The Bane of Social Selling?

Social Selling Bane Quote

In my interview with Amar Sheth from Sales for Life I talk about growing up in a new generation of selling. Since my first sales job I have relied on social media and the internet for prospecting, building relationships, nurturing relationships and closing deals. It’s become 50% of my revenue and growing. Check out the interview and find why I believe social selling skills are essential for the sales rep of the future.

Here’s the full Bane quote that I talked about in my interview with Amar:

“Ah you think social selling is new?
You merely adopted it.
I was born in it,
molded by it.

I didn’t make a cold call
until I was already a man,
by then it was
to me
but a waste of time.”

Can you relate to this Bane quote? Do you consider yourself the Bane of Social Selling? Watch the video below and check out the original post here: How One Sales Rep Makes 50% Of His Pipeline Come From Social Selling

Top 13 Social Sales Influencers

The people below are ranked as the most influential Social Sales Leaders according to Klout. Klout analyzes social media influence by using data from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and several other platforms. The highest possible Klout score is 100, the average Klout Score is 40 and those with a score of 63 are in the top 5% of all users (the average score of the 13 top social sales influencers is 72). The higher your score, the more influence you’re believed to have within your digital networks. Klout score changes often so the list below is subject to change, luckily Rise maintains a Social Sales Leaderboard that is updated in real time. 

The social sales leaders below can be found across social media channels and are consistently providing innovative ideas, tips and insights on the topic of sales and social media. If you’re a sales rep that’s been wondering how to leverage social media to close more deals make sure you give the folks below a follow. 


1) Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo Social Sales Influencer

Brian Fanzo


Brian Fanzo is the Partner and Chief Digital Strategist at Broadsuite. He specializes in helping enterprise technology companies leverage social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing to be more productive and engaging. He’s also a dad of three beautiful girls.


2) Jeff Sheenan

Jeff Sheenan Social Sales Influencer

Jeff Sheenan


Jeff Sheenan is an author and a B2B sales and marketing pro!  He has extensive experience in working with companies of all sizes and in multiple industries throughout the world and with global brands like Intel, Apple, Cisco Systems, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and many more.


3) Jon Ferrara

Jon Ferrara - Social Sales Influencer

Jon Ferrara


Jon Ferrara has been recognized as a pioneer in the CRM space. He’s the founder of Nimble, a next generation CRM product for small businesses. You can frequently catch him tweeting and talking about social selling and sales.


4) Koka Sexton

Koka Sexton - Social Sales Influencer

Koka Sexton


Koka Sexton is one of the most recognized social selling experts and a leader in the LinkedIn social selling evolution. He’s a frequent social selling speaker and conducts trainings on how to use LinkedIn to drive lead generation, create new opportunities, and engage customers.


5) Jill Rowley

Jill Rowley - Social Sales Influencer

Jill Rowley


Jill is a Social Selling Evangelist and one of the most recognized social sales influencers and leaders. She’s walked her talk and has a background in sales management and as a software sales rep. She’s approachable, tweetable and a giver. You can frequently catch her keynoting and doing sales kick off speech on the topic of social sales. She currently lives the Bay Area is a wife and a mother of four kids.



6) Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya - Social Sales Influencer

Jeff Zelaya


Jeff Zelaya  is a leading social selling and LinkedIn expert. He’s a professional public speaker, an entrepreneur and the Head of Sales at the content marketing software company: Triblio. Jeff is a dad and husband and currently lives in the Washington D.C area.


7) Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller - Social Sales Influencer

Rachel Miller


Rachel is an experience social media marketing professional, community builder, listener and an influencer in the CRM space. She has been able to strategically increase community engagement and brand awareness through social media and content marketing, first at Nimble and now at Pipeliner CRM.


8) Timothy Hughes

Timothy Hughes - Social Sales Influencer

Timothy Hughes


Tim is a social selling evangelist that hails from the other side of the pond. He’s based out of the UK and works at Oracle. At Oracle he runs the UK Commercial Industries and using modern marketing and social selling techniques he’s been able to create a $61 Million pipeline.


9) Gerry Moran

Gerry Moran - Social Sales Influencer

Gerry Moran


Gerry Moran is the Global Head of Social Media & Content at Cognizant Technology and the Founder of the popular blog: He’s an experienced Social Selling Strategist and helps people and brands in creating high level strategies to drive real results.


10) Gabe Villamizar

Gabe  Villamizar - Social Sales Influencer

Gabe Villamizar


Gabe is a Social Selling Expert & Social Media Marketing Manager at @HireVue He has extensive multi-cultural experience in developing and implementing new SaaS social marketing tactics to build strong B2B relationships and generate targeted leads. He’s currently in the process of organizing a huge event with the top social selling influencers.


11) Jack Kosakowski

Jack  Kosakowski - Social Sales Influencer

Jack Kosakowski


Jack Kosakowski is young and up and coming leader in the social selling space. He’s a Regional Sales Manager at Act-On.  He loves to educate businesses on the importance of marketing automation and helps these organizations “Cross The Chasm” quickly and adopt new marketing technologies.


12) Brynne Tillman

Brynne Tillman - Social Sales Influencer

Brynne Tillman


Brynne is the CEO of Social Sales Link and an expert sales trainer who has over 3 decades of sales experience. She’s been able to unlock the power of LinkedIn for Sales and Business Development Professionals and teaches social selling curriculum globally.


13) Ken Krogue

Ken Krogue - Social Sales Influencer

Ken Krogue


Ken Krogue is the Founder of and a thought leader and evangelist on all things sales. He is continually creating content on the topic and you can see tons of his content here. He and his team offer great tips, webinars, research, and best practices on inside sales.




Who else is tweeting about #SocialSelling? Check out the live twitter stream below:

Jeff Zelaya Featured on The Sales Evangelist Podcast


The Sales Evangelist Podcast Episode 86

Thank you Donald Kelly aka The Sales Evangelist for inviting to be a guest on the Sales Evangelist Podcast.

You can click play below and hear my interview with the Don about the evolution of the sales professional. If you’re in sales you should definitely subscribe to his podcast for some of the reasons I’ll mention below.

As of today Donald Kelly has produced 91 episodes of The Sales Evangelist Podcast. Donald is a Brigham Young University alum, former Student Body President, millennial sales enthusiast, public speaker, sales executive and podcaster. In his Sales Evangelist series he conducts interviews with sales influencers and shares valuable “Top Producers” insights. Some of his previous guests include Marcus Sheridan, Jill Konrath, Amar Sheth, Joanne Black, Josh Shipp, Amy Porterfield, Patricia Fripp and other marketing and sales heavy hitters.

What I like best about Donald is that he is a real life B2B sales professional that hustles everyday in software sales. Don’s climbed the sales professional ladder and is a current top producer thanks to training and coaching from top sales experts. As he succeeded in sales he felt it his duty to pay it forward by sharing insights that were working for him and he does does through an superbly produced podcast.

And by giving so unselfishly he also receives (givers gain) in a recent interview by the South Florida Business Journal, Donald confesses that podcasting has grown his network and sales but he’s not stopping by just helping salespeople Donald has now helped formed the group Podcast South Florida to help businesspeople land new clients and network with leaders in their field through podcasting. Make sure you connect with this awesome leader, follow Donald Kelly on twitter @DonaldCKelly and make sure to subscribe to The Sales Evangelist Podcast, I promise that you won’t regret it.

The_Sales_Evangelist- Donald Kelly

Donald Kelly is the Sales Evangelist

Social Selling Training Workshop at Siteworx

Social Selling Trainer Siteworx Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya talking social selling at the Siteworx HQ

Last week I facilitated a social selling training workshop for my new client Siteworx. Siteworx is an award-winning digital agency best known for it’s breadth of expertise with web design, web content management and systems integration. Based out of Reston, Virginia and with seven offices scattered from coast to coast, Siteworx plans on continuing growing and is currently focused on equipping their business development and sales team with the latest knowledge and tools to help them attract and acquire new clients.

Interested in hearing the insights that I shared with their sales team? Check out the video below for a replay of my social selling training workshop.

The Social Selling Funnel Infographic

Ah, remember the old days of advertising? The 20th century days of stale cigarette-infiltrated offices and the strategic, pragmatic hustling of targeted groups of clientele, where you caught attention via flashy billboard signs and door-to-door salesmen? Sadly, those days exist only through the stories of the 1950’s generation. Thanks to social media, the paradigm of marketing has forever shifted, and it has shifted digitally. Hey, if the President of the United States is using social media as a political tool, and finding success in it, Facebook and Twitter and their other popular neighbors can’t be all bad, right? If social media has the power to elect a president, and even start a revolution, then it has the power to make your company go viral… And fast. Social media is no longer the wave of the future – it is the present. If you want to help your company out, you need to figure out what you can be doing to fully maximize your social selling funnel and your social sales potential. Here’s a breakdown. (CLICK HERE TO ENLARGE THE SOCIAL SELLING FUNNEL INFOGRAPHIC)

social sales funnel



Sales 2.0 Speaker at 2014 BXSI Annual Sales Conference

I’m beyond excited to be presenting at the upcoming 2014 BXSI Annual Sales Conference.

BancorpSouth Insurance Services has booked me

as their featured Sales 2.0 speaker.

Sales 2.0 Speaker - Bancorpsouth Sales Speaker

As my 2014 Social Selling Speaking Tour continues I am thrilled to be seeing an increasingly amount of awareness and acceptance of Sales 2.0. The top sales manager and sales executives understand that sales is evolving and changing. The high pressure, fast talking, “salesy” tactics are not as effective as they might have been in the past and if you use them today the only thing you will “close” is the door behind you as you leave  the prospect’s office with no sale, no relationship and a bad reputation!

As technology like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and smart phones change consumer behavior and the buying decisions so should the way salespeople use these channels to their advantage. Social selling is no longer in its infancy and now there is solid proof and detailed social selling case studies that conclude what many like myself have already witnessed first hand…

Social Selling is here to stay because it gets results!

Only those salespeople that adapt will be able to survive and thrive in a technology & data driven world. The Sales Management at BancorpSouth Insurance Services has made the decision that they want their sales reps prepared and educated for Sales 2.0 and that’s exactly what I will be doing come this Friday, August 8th in Jackson, Mississippi. Looking forward to hanging out with the hundred of BancorpSouth team members that will be present for the 2014 BXSI Annual Sales Conference. I’m BRINGING IT! So I hope you guys are ready!! :-)

About BancorpSouth Insurance Services

BancorpSouth Insurance Services is powered by BancorpSouth Bank; a wholly-owned subsidiary of BancorpSouth Inc., a $13.4 billion-financial holding company based in Tupelo, Mississippi. Business Insurance magazine ranks BXSI as the nation’s 33rd largest brokerage and the 4th largest bank-owned agency. BXSI has 33 offices across 9 states with over 600 insurance and risk management professionals ready to serve.

Interested in booking a Sales 2.0 speaker for your Sales Conference?

Let me know! Click here to contact me today.

Social Selling Tip for Twitter #6

Bonus Social Selling Tip for Twitter:

Target your prospects on Twitter with custom twitter ads by uploading your prospect email list. Twitter will then create a tailored audience group and show them advertising of your choice (Promoted Brand Account, Promoted Personal Account, Promoted Tweets, a Twitter CTA etc..) This adds another dimension to the engagement that you are having with these individuals on twitter. Not only will you have them on a list where you are organically engaging them but they will also be targeted with a specific ad that will encourage moving them to the next step of the buying cycle. You don’t have to worry about “selling” on twitter, you just have to engage them, target them with relevant advertising and let them opt in to your offer.  Of course never forget that the main use of twitter is to build value and a relationship…without these requisites being fulfilled an ad would be a waste of money. Below is a screenshot of the Twitter Ads dashboard and how you can select this offering.

Social Selling Tip for Twitter

Click Here to See More Social Selling Tips

Rick Solari & Jacqueline Jimenez Interview Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya - InnovateWP Ask Me Anything

Join me,  +Rick Solari and+Jacqueline Jimenez  for +Innovate WP  Google Hangout on August 5th  at 7PM EST. It’s an AMA session, meaning Ask Me Anything about Marketing & WordPress.

Jacqueline Jimenez

Jacqueline Jimenez

Rick Solari

Rick Solari

I will be interviewed the first half, talking about his experience as a LinkedIn well sought out speaker and Social Selling. I will also be chatting about Triblio, which is the latest Content Marketing & Social Selling Software for Enterprises, Triblio recently raised $3.4 million in seed funding and is starting to gain recognition for their unique platform. 

You can submit your questions with the hashtag #InnovateWP  on:


See you Tuesday August 5th at 7PM!

Must Have Social Selling Tools

A presentation featuring some of our

MUST HAVE Social Selling Tools:

What is your social selling technology of choice?

Social Selling Infographic: The Sales 2.0 Conversation Prism

Just finished completing the first ever Sales 2.0 Prism a la Brian Solis. I compiled a list of 60 different applications across 15 different categories. Categories include: Social Media Platforms, Tracking Tools, CRM, Social Media Management Tools, Social Selling Automation Tools, E-Signature tools and several more. The tools below are essential tools for the modern marketer. Also be sure to check out a version that focuses strictly on social selling software that I did for Triblio.

Sales 2.0 Tools


 Sales 2.0 tools that have been

included in the Social Selling Infographic above are:


Social Media Platforms

Social Media Management
BufferHootsuiteSprout SocialTweetDeck

Social Selling Automation

Influencer Monitoring
NewsleLittle BirdKloutTraackr

Content Curation

CRM Software

Hubspot SignalsYeswareCirrus InsightsToutApp


Business Intelligence

DocusignRight SignatureEchoSigneSign Live



LinkedIn ConnectedWeave, Card Munch, Selligy