Jeff Zelaya

I’m a Proud Soccer Uncle

My 6 year old nephew scores the winning goal in the debut match up for his soccer team. This is his first game EVER and he walked away with 3 of the team’s 4 goals. He is lightning fast and with some coaching this kid will be a soccer superstar. Not only is he super athletic but the kid is super smart. Check out his other video “Jeff Zelaya Interviews The World’s Smartest 6 Year Old ” @

Personally, this was such a great moment for me. There were times during the game that my eyes started to water because I was so proud to see how great of a player he is. Yesterday, we spent an hour training and kicking around the ball and a couple of the pointers that I showed he actually used during the match. So proud of my nephew and how fast he is learning. The game itself was super exciting especially with 12 of our family members rooting for the Chargers and Jailin on the sidelines. We can’t wait to see what the season holds for the team and the players.
Check out Jailin’s game winning goal in the video below.

A special Christmas video message from my family to yours