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Thank You To My Friends at Lion Fuse Digital Media

Lion Fuse LogoA big, HUGE THANK YOU to my friends at Lion Fuse for designing my new Vocus business card.

They did a great job with the design and layout. Many people have complimented me on my business cards and they seem to really like the rounded and pointed edges. This business card stands out from the rest because of the color, the shape and the clean layout.

If you are looking for someone to design your business cards, look no further than the team over at Lion Fuse for help. You can contact the team at – they do great graphic design, web design among other things.
Vocus Business Card - Jeff Zelaya Sales


Are business cards dead or

are they still a valuable networking tool?

Although social media and mobile phones have made networking much easier and seamless, I believe that business cards are still an essential for any professional. I don’t expect people to hold on to the business card forever or put them in a Rolodex but I do expect them to take the card to their computer, type my name in Google and then send me an invite to connect with me on LinkedIn and my other social networks.

If you truly are interested in networking with someone that you’ve met in person then getting connected on social media is the logical next step in this day and age. Once you’re connected with someone online, then the business card goes right into the trash.

Do you hold on to business cards?

For how long?

Do you think business cards will ever go away?


Featured December Posts

Squirrel Meme Walnut PicThank you for checking out my blog! As the year draws to a close I would like to thank you for your viewership and friendship. Because of your sharing and commenting this blog has received over a half million views in 2012….that’s a 30x increase over 2011!!!

Behind these views are real people that have benefited from the different posts that either myself or my guest bloggers have contributed. Some of the blog’s most popular posts this year have been:

Brand Identify is more than a Logo by Kathleen Richardson – Over 100K views

13 Best Miami Heat Funny Pictures – 40K views

Psychology Tricks For Everyday Life – 11K Views

Guest blogging submissions are now being accepted for 2013 and the goal for 2013 is to break the 1 million views mark. I believe that TOGETHER we’ll be able to accomplish that.

Here’s how….

I have always lived my life by the Zig Ziglar quote: “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.” That’s why a new section of this blog will now be dedicated to promoting my friends and their businesses. 

I’ve always been a believer that networking is essential to succeeding in life. The more people you get to know and know you the more opportunities you will come across. I am a living testament of this philosophy and it’s helped me achieve success in many areas of life. My desire for 2013 is that we can increase prosperity and opportunities for all. If you are interested in being featured on my blog please send me a message on the contact page.

Together we will achieve FAR MORE

than we can ever do on our own.


 December’s Spotlight

 Lion Fuse Digital Media Agency

I worked very closely with Juan and Carlos (the Founders of Lion Fuse) at Florida International University  We were all part of the American Marketing Association and collaborated on many projects together  Without any doubt I recommend both of these individuals and know that their work is top notch. Check out this link and read their story.

Deisell Consultants

Thank you to Adonis Sardinas for this submission. I had the pleasure of meeting Adonis through the FIU Business Alumni Network. If you are not part of your Universities’s Alumni Network you are MISSING OUT. These networks are filled with great contacts and opportunities that will help you further your business, career and the opportunity for you to do the same for your fellow alum.

Meet Ana Milena – Realtor and Marketing Professional

Social media has completely changed the way that we meet new friends…I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Ana face to face yet…but thanks to the power of social media I found out that Ana is a fellow FIU alum and in the same industry as me. From a LinkedIn invite we hit it off and have been social media buddies ever since. We’ve brainstormed marketing and PR ideas and have always been there to help each other out. Check out her latest venture.


 Would you like to be featured in January’s Spotlight? Contact me today.