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FIU Black Professionals Summit Invitation

FIU Black Professionals Summit I wanted to extend an invitation for you to join my friends and I for this amazing summit that will make a direct impact on you and your community.

The Black Professionals Summit will take place at the Florida International University, Biscayne Bay Campus on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 9:00 AM.

This is an open invite to all professionals in South Florida, so tell your friends! Link up with professionals in a wide range of industries and build your network. Get additional career development skills while building connections and relationships.

I’ll be hosting a workshop titled:

“How To Market & Sell The

Best Product In The World: YOU!”

I’ll teach you how to build a powerful personal brand that gets you results! Whether your goal is to get a career offer from your dream employer, build your own business or get promoted, you’ll learn the best strategies & techniques that will help you do it. This is one dynamic & high energy workshop that you don’t want to miss. Perfect for both professionals and driven students. So don’t delay, space is extremely limited.

Register NOW for the Black Professionals Summit. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

My workshop starts at 12:00pm and prior to the workshop I’ll also be taking part in the FIU Black Professionals Summit: Entrepreneurship Panel at 11am. The panel will be sharing about personal paths towards success, frank and candid responses about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and answering questions from the audience as it relates to the topic of Entrepreneurship.

About The Black Alumni Professional Summit:

The FIU Black Alumni Chapter, Black Student Union and South Florida Black Professionals Network have partnered up to host the inaugural Black Professionals Summit: “Molding the Keys to Success.” This event will be comprised of a series of workshops, a professional organization showcase, résumé critiquing and keynote speakers tailored to empower current and emerging black professionals.

Wolfe University Center
Florida International University – Biscayne Bay Campus
3000 NE 151 ST
Miami, FL 33181

Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 9:00 AM



Can’t attend but would love to still help out and promote it? CLICK HERE

Black Professionals Summit

{Podcast} Dario Philippe Interviews Jeff Zelaya

Dario Philippe Launches:

Waiting On A Superhero Podcast Series

Dario Philippe aka Dario Inspires has dedicated his life to helping people dream and to dream big.

Dario is a Youth Motivational Speaker and in the business of helping to inspire people to foster the courage to live them out. Dario recently interviewed me for his latest podcast series: Waiting on Superheros (WOS)
#1 Ranked LinkedIn Speaker

This podcast was created by Dario Philippe to call World Changers, Catalysts, and Social Entrepreneurs to ACTION! In this series he interviews influencers and thought leaders. Check out the series and learn from their journeys, failures, and moments of triumph! The Waiting on Superheroes podcast will encourage you to stop waiting on Superheroes and help you realize that “Your greatest frustration is something YOU were put here to solve”!

Click here for the podcast

Sales 2.0 Speaker at 2014 BXSI Annual Sales Conference

I’m beyond excited to be presenting at the upcoming 2014 BXSI Annual Sales Conference.

BancorpSouth Insurance Services has booked me

as their featured Sales 2.0 speaker.

Sales 2.0 Speaker - Bancorpsouth Sales Speaker

As my 2014 Social Selling Speaking Tour continues I am thrilled to be seeing an increasingly amount of awareness and acceptance of Sales 2.0. The top sales manager and sales executives understand that sales is evolving and changing. The high pressure, fast talking, “salesy” tactics are not as effective as they might have been in the past and if you use them today the only thing you will “close” is the door behind you as you leave  the prospect’s office with no sale, no relationship and a bad reputation!

As technology like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and smart phones change consumer behavior and the buying decisions so should the way salespeople use these channels to their advantage. Social selling is no longer in its infancy and now there is solid proof and detailed social selling case studies that conclude what many like myself have already witnessed first hand…

Social Selling is here to stay because it gets results!

Only those salespeople that adapt will be able to survive and thrive in a technology & data driven world. The Sales Management at BancorpSouth Insurance Services has made the decision that they want their sales reps prepared and educated for Sales 2.0 and that’s exactly what I will be doing come this Friday, August 8th in Jackson, Mississippi. Looking forward to hanging out with the hundred of BancorpSouth team members that will be present for the 2014 BXSI Annual Sales Conference. I’m BRINGING IT! So I hope you guys are ready!! :-)

About BancorpSouth Insurance Services

BancorpSouth Insurance Services is powered by BancorpSouth Bank; a wholly-owned subsidiary of BancorpSouth Inc., a $13.4 billion-financial holding company based in Tupelo, Mississippi. Business Insurance magazine ranks BXSI as the nation’s 33rd largest brokerage and the 4th largest bank-owned agency. BXSI has 33 offices across 9 states with over 600 insurance and risk management professionals ready to serve.

Interested in booking a Sales 2.0 speaker for your Sales Conference?

Let me know! Click here to contact me today.

One Weird Trick To Rank #1 On LinkedIn

As a professional using LinkedIn I’m sure you know the importance of visibility in LinkedIn’s Search Results. For example, if you’re a Financial Advisor and someone searches the keyword “Financial Advisors” on LinkedIn, no doubt you’d like to appear in those search results and optimally you’d like your profile to be in the #1 spot because that means that you’ll get the bulk of the views and clicks.

Like with search results on Google, you trust that LinkedIn will serve up results that are relevant to you based on a top-secret algorithm that you hope would take into consideration factors like: degrees of separation, number of common connections, endorsements, location, recommendations, keyword prominence etc.. (you would hope at least!)

Jeff Weiner doesn’t want you to know this….

But unfortunately, LinkedIn’s Search Algorithm is broken and instead of seeing useful results you get a list of LinkedIn blackhat spammers or at best legitimate professionals that have a borderline spammy profile because they’ve too discovered this one weird trick.

Want to know the trick? 

You too can get your profile to rank #1 on LinkedIn for the keyword of your choice. The trick is simple, it’s called: Keyword Stuffing.

DISCLAIMER: Now before the hate mail comes pouring in let me make it clear that I DO NOT CONDONE doing this and HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you DO NOT do this and I’ll explain why in just a minute. 


What’s Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is exactly what it sounds like, you stuff a target keyword onto the page as many times as you can fit it in. Back in the early days of Google, keyword stuffing was a tactic used by spammers to game the search engine, nowadays you’ll be hard pressed to find a webpage that’s keyword stuffed on the first page of Google. In fact, getting caught keyword stuffing could lead to getting your website penalized and banned from Google.

Keyword stuffing is completely outdated and an unethical practice that adds no value to rankings today and rest assured that Google cracks down hard on keyword stuffing violators.

But not LinkedIn.

Let me show you this example:

1) I searched my LinkedIn network for “SEO” & find that Joe H. beats out 1,477,556 results to claim the #1 spot. 


2) Wow! Impressive Joe H. must be an awesome SEO’er because he’s ranking #1. Let’s dive into his profile and explore his incredible credentials. The first part of his profile isn’t really impressive and he only has a paltry 167 connections, I don’t really understand why LinkedIn produced this result but let’s keep scrolling down….

3) And now you see the one weird trick in action. Blatant SPAM and Keyword stuffing takes over his profile….BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE.

4) WOW!! This is OBVIOUS SPAM. Could Joe being even more bold?

5) Why Yes! Yes he can! For safe measured he even stuffs: Search Engine Optimization

Now Joe actually continues to stuff these keywords into his profile for what seems to be forever. I actually stopped scrolling his profile after a minute or so because it just became too much for me.

This is an EXTREME example of keyword stuffing abuse on LinkedIn. There are also other legitimate professionals that know this trick and moderately abuse it because they claim it works.

HOWEVER, I DO NOT recommend using this tactic because even if you do get more visibility from the search results once the person clicks your profile and takes a closer look they can identify and smell the spam. Out the window goes your credibility and integrity.

Instead of relying on keyword stuffing to increase your profile views, focus instead on building real relationships, getting recommendations and increasing your group involvement to attract more visibility.

Here’s one not so weird trick for more success with LinkedIn.

Focus on quality over quantity.


And if Jeff Weiner is reading this…please fix this ASAP!


Would love to hear your comments/feedback below or on twitter.

You can follow at: @jeffzelaya


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TRSA Sales & Marketing Summit 2014 Speakers

I’m excited to be a featured LinkedIn speaker at the 2014 TRSA Annual Sales Conference:

Social Selling Speaker Jeffrey Zelaya TRSA

If you’re attending the TRSA Sales & Marketing Summit come ready to learn the latest strategies & techniques around personal branding, social media, social selling and of course LINKEDIN. Besides my LinkedIn presentation you’ll also hear from from various digital marketing, branding and sales subject matter experts. They will be presenting topics that are of great value to business men and women that are looking to increase their company’s awareness, lead generation, revenue, customer satisfaction & of course….PROFIT! (What professional in sales & marketing isn’t looking to do this?)

Some of the most interesting topics and sessions that I will personally be checking out are the ones on: generating & qualifying leads using internet tools & using the latest business intelligence technology to gain a more intimate knowledge of a potential customers’ needs. This event has some great speakers and you defintely don’t want to miss this if you’re a TRSA member that’s involved in sales & marketing.

Here is an excerpt of the speaker lineup for the TRSA Sales & Marketing Summit 2014 (see full line up here)


Jeffrey Cufaude Profile Picture

Jeffrey Cufaude

Jeffrey Cufaude, Principal, Idea Architects
“Increase Sales through Sharing and Serving”

Troy Harrison Profile Pic

Troy Harrison

Troy Harrison, President, SalesForce Solutions
“Smart Sales Hiring”

Aldy Keene Profile Picture

Aldy Keene

Andrew Steiner AmeriPride Services

Andrew Steiner

Aldy Keene, Loyalty Research Group & Andrew Steiner, AmeriPride Services
“Value of Measuring Customer Relationships”


Justin Goodman Profile Picture

Justin Goodman

Justin Goodman, Digital Analytics Strategist @ Analytics Pros
“Internet Marketing”


LinkedIn Expert Profile Picture: Jeffrey Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya, Senior Sales Manager @ Triblio
“Leveraging LinkedIn to Build Your Business”

This year the TRSA Sales & Marketing Summit will also feature 30 minute speed networking/ learning sessions focused around product marketing & building business relationships. The committee for the TRSA Sales & Marketing Conference is excited about all the confirmed textile services company owners, executives, sales managers and marketing managers that have already confirmed their attendance.

The event begins on a Thursday, July 17, 2014 and runs through Friday afternoon, July 18. This year’s conference will be held at: Baltimore Harbor Hotel, 101 West Fayette Street • Baltimore, MD 21201 (See Google map below)

View Larger Map

Press Play To Watch An Expert LinkedIn Trainer

Video of LinkedIn Trainer, Jeff Zelaya in Action:

On April 17th LinkedIn Speaker, Jeff Zelaya presented to the American Marketing Association in New Orleans. Jeff spoke about Social Selling and specifically on how to use LinkedIn for social selling and how to drive an ROI from sales 2.0. The video above showcases the public speaking ability & social selling knowledge of Jeff Zelaya.

Jeff is currently ranked as LinkedIn’s #1 most recommended social salesperson and the #1 recommended public speaker under the age of 30. Jeff Zelaya has presented in over 50 conferences, events and seminars in the past 3 years on the topics of LinkedIn for Business Development, LinkedIn for Marketing and Social Selling. Inquire about booking Jeff to speak at your event. Click here.

LinkedIn Expert - Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya is a leading LinkedIn expert and #1 Ranked LinkedIn Speaker by Google

8 LinkedIn Cover Photo Examples from Social Sellers

If you were gifted a blank billboard on the side of a busy highway would you just leave it blank? Of course not!

You would seize the opportunity and make the most of it. Guess what? Your LinkedIn cover photo is like that empty billboard. Prospects, clients, recruiters and maybe your future boss will be passing by your LinkedIn profile today will you:

  • Stand out?
  • Showcase your skills?
  • Be memorable?
  • Drive a desired action?

Do not waste a terrific branding & marketing opportunity! It’s time you optimize your LinkedIn real estate to attract more opportunities.

Here are 8 LinkedIn Cover Photo Examples from

Social Selling Experts: 


1) Have a Call to Action

Your LinkedIn page is essentially a landing page. You want to not just be seen but you also want to drive some type of engagement. What better way to increase your profile’s engagement then by asking for it directly and inviting your profile viewer to take action, i.e send you an invite (just make sure to share your email address). The header below increased invitations two fold, more connections = more possible opportunities. Don’t be afraid to test different CTAs to see what converts best for you.

LinkedIn Cover Photo Example

2) Share your current project

Over the past couple of months I’ve witnessed author Melonie Dodaro hard at work promoting her latest book: “The LinkedIn Code”. So it’s no surprise that she uses her header space to promote her current project as well as highlight what service she offers. What current project are you working on? Use your cover photo to prominently display your work, this will drive word of mouth and when people see your profile and then speak with you…watch how they mention your current project in the conversation.




3) Company Branding

Koka Sexton aka Mr. Social Selling is the Social Marketing Manager at LinkedIn. It’s no surprise that Koka uses his space to display his company logo. If you’re a Marketing Manager consider sharing a pre-made company branded header with your employees. Watch the proud and happy employees quickly post it and share their company pride with all their contacts. Drives awareness, word of mouth, recruiting etc…


4) Drive Traffic to One Link

LinkedIn expert, Viveka uses her LinkedIn cover photo to drive traffic to one link. This method is better than providing several links because it is simpler for the profile viewer to follow through. You can even track the link, for example if you use i.e: you will be able to figure out exactly how many web site visitors were referred from your LinkedIn profile page. Tie the link to a landing page for best results!


5) Share Action Pics

Mike O’Neil is a Social Selling Speaker and Trainer so he shares pictures of him on stage in action, Brian Solis also does the same thing along with other professional public speakers. Mike also includes a call to action and ask profile viewers to watch his speaking video in the summary section of his profile, thereby combining picture media with video media for the ultimate double whammy. Action pics are nice because it shows people at work. If you’re a Chef…use a pic of you in the kitchen cooking up a dish, if you’re a Scientist…a pic of you in the lab with your white coat would look killer.



6) Best Contact Info

Jamie Shanks keeps it simple and direct. He wants prospects and contacts to pick up the phone and call instead of hiding behind a computer screen or back and forth messages. This is a great approach for anyone in sales, since you want the “hot leads” to be able to reach you right away if they have questions or are ready to buy. However, beware of spammers, pesky MLM recruiters and the aggressive recruiter. Giving a phone number is great but if you’re really busy and can’t pick up the phone regularly (or don’t have a secretary that can at least screen the calls) it might be not be the most efficient contact method so provide an email just in case.



7) Be Creative

In the cover photo below I combine an arrow, a call to action (provide my email address), a question and a creative portrait of me holding up an iPad with my LinkedIn profile showing. Don’t be afraid to test creative outside of the box ideas to see what kind of feedback and engagement you get from it….all within reason of course. Stand out in a good way!


8) Third Party Endorsements

Logos from third parties add an aura of credibility to your profile. Lori Ruff uses the Forbes and LinkedIn logo in her cover photo to communicate her influence and authority. You can use media logos (if you’ve been published or featured), award logos, association logos or any others that might be relevant to your profile.

LinkedIn Q&A Episode 4: What is Social Selling?

LinkedIn Q&A Episode 4:

What is Social Selling?

Hello and welcome to LinkedIn Your Questions Answered. My name is Jeff Zelaya. I’m one of LinkedIn’s most recommended speakers and sales executives and an expert on social selling. And that’s what I’m going to talk to you about today. I have gotten a lot of emails in regards to social selling. People wondering what is it, how does it work, how can I use it to get leads, to get more deals closed. And I’m going to go through a lot of that in the next couple of segments.

But I first want to talk about exactly what is social selling. And the way I define social selling is really by you, the sales person, leveraging your personal brand to influence relationships, to make relationships, to first benefit those people but then second, to translate that into more deals closed and sales success. So it’s always about putting the other folks first.

And sales has evolved. Before, they were the very pushy car sales people, the ones that flash a smile and you see the light come from their gleaming white teeth and they are fast-talking and snake-oil selling and where sales has evolved to where those types of sales people will never be successful in this day and age.

And what it takes now to be successful is being very transparent and being focused on relationship building, being focused on serving your customer, your prospect first before dealing with a business and the sales conversation. So social selling is exactly that. It’s combining the social aspect of social media with sales.

And of course, LinkedIn comes up quite a bit in these conversations in regards to social selling but it’s more than just LinkedIn. Being good at social selling, some of the other platforms I recommend that you jump on are like SlideShare. I use SlideShare extensively to put up my sales presentations, my different one-sheeters and white papers. I could use it as a lead generation device and follow up with people that are downloading my white paper. Those warm leads I want to work with first before I got to do cold calling.

And LinkedIn itself obviously is a great tool because it breaks down the barriers of cold calling making pretty much every interaction you have a warm introduction instead of a cold call.

 Want to improve your sales? Have you heard of Sales 2.0? Up your sales game by learning more about Social Selling. Click the button below for details about our upcoming Social Selling webinar.

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I’m Excited to be a Featured Social Media Speaker for the MACMA event

MACMA ConferenceOn May 1st, I will be a featured social media speaker at the Mid-Atlantic Club Management Association (MACMA) conference entitled:

“Always On. Always Connected. Social Networking is Now.”

This Social Media Conference geared for the health and fitness industry is being held at the Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club on Thursday, May 1st from 10am to 3pm. I will be joined by two other expert social media speakers: Josh Gerber, VP of Marketing at Brick Bodies and also Dawn Taylor, Account Executive at Members First.

We will be doing individual presentations on the topics of Facebook, twitter, Content Marketing, PR, Email Marketing, Social Selling (wondering what “social selling” is? See the video below), LinkedIn and integrated marketing strategy. Afterwards, the three of us along with a moderator will lead a very engaging round table discussion with MACMA members. The morning promises to be full of awesome networking opportunities and valuable education. Both members and non-members are welcomed.

If you’d like to register please visit: to learn more about the Mid-Atlantic Club Management Association.


Social Media Speaker Reel Example from Jeff Zelaya on Vimeo.

Social Media Speaker, Jeff Zelaya is the Keynote Speaker at the Mid-Atlantic Club Management Association (MACMA) annual conference. MACMA held this special social media marketing workshop and networking event on May 1, 2014 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The event featured top social media experts such as Josh Gerber, Marketing Manager at Brick Bodies, Dawn Taylor, Account Executive at Members First and Social Selling expert and marketing consultant Jeff Zelaya.

LinkedIn Keynote Speaker for the 2014 TRSA Sales & Marketing Summit Announced

TRSA Sales and Marketing Summit

Jeff Zelaya has been confirmed as the LinkedIn keynote speaker for the 2014 TRSA Sales & Marketing Summit.

The event will be held at the Sheraton in Baltimore City Center on July 17th-18th.

Jeff Zelaya will be teaching members of the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA)  about leveraging social media – specifically, LinkedIn for marketing and sales.
Topics that will be covered in this one hour workshop are:

  • What is LinkedIn and how to create a LinkedIn profile that gets you more visibility
  • How to use LinkedIn to build your company’s brand and your personal brand
  • What is social selling and how can you can make it work for you
  • How to gather intelligence on prospects, partners and competitors
  • Best practices on professional networking to increase referrals and partnerships
  • Creating an inbound social lead generation strategy
  • How to use LinkedIn to find more opportunities and close more deals
  •  Using LinkedIn groups for education and insights gathering

Click here to see the full agenda for the TRSA 2014 Sales and Marketing Summit 

TRSA offers national, regional and online education and training resources, conferences, institutes and events for members that provide innovative approaches and proven best practices for streamlining operations, reducing costs and increasing productivity and profitability. Their Sales and Marketing Summits is one of the more popular events and is attended by Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, CMO, CEO and Sales Executives.

Interested in learning more about how to book Jeff for your next conference? Click here.

LinkedIn Keynote Speaker Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya