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Sales 2.0 Speaker at 2014 BXSI Annual Sales Conference

I’m beyond excited to be presenting at the upcoming 2014 BXSI Annual Sales Conference.

BancorpSouth Insurance Services has booked me

as their featured Sales 2.0 speaker.

Sales 2.0 Speaker - Bancorpsouth Sales Speaker

As my 2014 Social Selling Speaking Tour continues I am thrilled to be seeing an increasingly amount of awareness and acceptance of Sales 2.0. The top sales manager and sales executives understand that sales is evolving and changing. The high pressure, fast talking, “salesy” tactics are not as effective as they might have been in the past and if you use them today the only thing you will “close” is the door behind you as you leave  the prospect’s office with no sale, no relationship and a bad reputation!

As technology like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and smart phones change consumer behavior and the buying decisions so should the way salespeople use these channels to their advantage. Social selling is no longer in its infancy and now there is solid proof and detailed social selling case studies that conclude what many like myself have already witnessed first hand…

Social Selling is here to stay because it gets results!

Only those salespeople that adapt will be able to survive and thrive in a technology & data driven world. The Sales Management at BancorpSouth Insurance Services has made the decision that they want their sales reps prepared and educated for Sales 2.0 and that’s exactly what I will be doing come this Friday, August 8th in Jackson, Mississippi. Looking forward to hanging out with the hundred of BancorpSouth team members that will be present for the 2014 BXSI Annual Sales Conference. I’m BRINGING IT! So I hope you guys are ready!! :-)

About BancorpSouth Insurance Services

BancorpSouth Insurance Services is powered by BancorpSouth Bank; a wholly-owned subsidiary of BancorpSouth Inc., a $13.4 billion-financial holding company based in Tupelo, Mississippi. Business Insurance magazine ranks BXSI as the nation’s 33rd largest brokerage and the 4th largest bank-owned agency. BXSI has 33 offices across 9 states with over 600 insurance and risk management professionals ready to serve.

Interested in booking a Sales 2.0 speaker for your Sales Conference?

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The Best Gifts In Life You Can’t Buy on Black Friday

The best gifts in life aren’t sold on Black Friday

The best gifts in life never go on sale

The best gifts in life are the ones that money can’t buy

The best gift in life is the PRESENT.

So enjoy your PRESENT moment, whatever it might be and whatever it could be.

The best gift will make you happy and successful and I promise you it’s never going to be something material.

And even when at first you think of the best gift being something physical…go a little deeper and ask yourself:

What will this gift do for me?

How will this gift make me feel?

Why do I REALLY want this gift?

If you answer these questions as honestly as possible, you’ll understand that you never want a tangible gift.

You just want the feelings that this gift gives you. What are those feelings?

The best gift in life that you’ll never hold in your hand because you will hold it in your heart instead.
I pray that you get the best gift this holiday season.

From the Zelaya Family

Check Out The Zelaya 1st Annual Family Thanksgiving Picture

Zelaya Family Picture - Thanksgiving

Jeff, Emma and Eli Zelaya

Our family is growing and we couldn’t be more excited! I am so grateful for my wife and son, they have helped make my 2013 the best year ever. This picture was taken on Thanksgiving or “Black Friday Eve” as some so disrespectfully have called it. I uploaded this picture with a quote:

Black Friday shopping for what, I’ve got everything that I ever wanted right here – Jeff Zelaya

Refresh Miami Chat with Brian Breslin

Who is Brian Breslin?

Brian Breslin is the CEO of Infinimedia, Inc, a software development firm with a focus on social media development.

Brian is also the Founder of Refresh Miami, a tech meetup group that is the largest of it’s kind in the country. Brian Breslin is an active community leader in the South Florida tech, startup and entrepreneurial scene and has organized several tech and startup events.

He’s a popular public speaker and has been a speaker at the following events:

  • AT&T Legal Hackathon Miami 2013
  • AT&T Mobile Hackathon Miami 2012
  • WordCamp Miami 2010 & 2011 & 2012 & 2013
  • Pubcon Las Vegas 2011
  • Pubcon Las Vegas 2010
  • Mozilla Add-Ons Meetup (September 15, 2009)
  • Pubcon Las Vegas 2009 (November 9-13 2009)
  • SXSW 2010 (March 12-16 2010) – Coconut Valley – Building a Tech Community on the Beach
  • BarcampMiami 2008 & 2009
  • RefreshMiami 2006-2009
  • Pubcon Las Vegas 2008

Click here if you’re interested in booking Brian for an upcoming event.

Brian Breslin Headshot

3 Advertising Lessons That You Can Learn From Alex Bogusky

If you’re not in the advertising world than the name Alex Bogusky might not be very familiar. However, if you watch the show Mad Men then you can think of Alex as the Don Draper of Generation X.  Fast Company Magazine has even proclaimed Bogusky as “the Steve Jobs of the Ad World”. Even though you might not be familiar with his name I’m sure you’re very familiar with the brands he’s worked on for example. Does the image below mean anything to you?

Burger King Creepy Bogusky

Well the creepy Burger King was a Bogusky idea. What about truth?


One of the most successful anti-tobacco campaigns in our country’s history was also Alex’s idea.

Coconut Grove_Crispin_Porter_Bogusky_headquarters

You might also be familiar with agency Crispin, Porter and Bogusky. CP+B  headquartered in Coconut Grove, FL still carries his moniker although he is no longer there and has since retired to pursue his passion of social causes.

On March 26 I had the privilege of sitting front row to hear Alex share his latest project which involved learning from the cardboard signs that homeless people use to solicit help. He felt that this is one of the most real forms of advertising because it comes from a real need and pain. From the moment he began I was enthralled and hung on to his every word. He isn’t afraid to be different and to tell it how it is.  I learned a lot from the 90 minute presentation but 3 key things stood out to me.

Alex Bogusky taught me 3 very important advertising lessons. Here they are:

1) Be Genuine.  Alex Bogusky attempted to create his own cardboard signs and get the homeless folks to “fly them”.  All refused – they said that it didn’t feel right and that the sign that they created were better. In the advertising world you can’t just jump in and create a campaign for a client without really understanding their struggles. It is necessary to step into our clients shoes and really experience what it’s like to be them. Then and only then would you be able to create advertising that will resonate with the brand and the audience.

2)  It’s not about the money. Alex Bogusky left Crispin Porter at the height of his career. He was offered a very lucrative offer to stay but instead turned it down in order to follow his passion of social activism. The advertising world is cut throat and can quickly make you into a money grubbing person. The problem with money is that it can sometimes keep you away from true happiness. Many people are only at their job for the paycheck. If that happens to be you, then realize that you will never truly be successful if you don’t step away from that to pursue your dreams. In fact, being unhappy and focused only on the money will in the long run make your work suffer because your heart isn’t really into it.

3) Your Ego will be bruised. In the advertising world you will pour your heart and soul into a campaign only to get rejected by the client. Get used to it! It’s going to happen and be ready for it. Not every one of your ideas will be received with open arms – even when you are at the top of your game. Sometimes this works out for the best because the client really knows that it might not work and sometimes the client is wrong. Whatever the case might be just don’t take it personal and don’t dwell on it. Learn to appreciate that rejection is part of the game and that everything happens for a reason.

Alex Bogusky and Jeff Zelaya

Alex Bogusky and Jeff Zelaya

LinkedIn Is Not For Everyone

As much as LinkedIn has changed my life for the better, it will not work for everyone. Some people are better off not using LinkedIn at all. Although, I do recommend that everyone give it at least a try. I’ve been pleasantly surprised many times when I initially thought that LinkedIn wouldn’t work for a certain career, industry or person but then I turned out to be wrong. As a LinkedIn speaker and trainer – I’m motivated by the success stories that I’ve heard from my students. If I could just impact one student in my class in a positive way then my job’s been done. Check out this short excerpt from my LinkedIn workshop for the Broward College Alumni group.

Thank you to Qrops Advice for their sponsorship of this post.

AdFed FIU Presents a “Brand Called You” with Jeff Zelaya

Join Jeff Zelaya and AdFed FIU in discovering the potential that social media and Linkedin can have on your professional future. Watch the neat video below and see for yourself why Personal Branding and Mastery of Social Media is essential for success in today’s day and age. Get excited college students! The lessons that you will learn at this event have the potential to shape your career and life. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and explore this interesting and important subject area. Remember your personal brand should be the best brand you wear!

Tuesday, October 18 @ 6 p.m. (reception) 7 p.m. (seminar) in WUC 223
FREE for all FIU students
$5 for guests

Facebook RSVP Link

Personal Branding Event Flyer  FIU Jeff Zelaya



Agustina Prigoshin from “Meet South Florida” interviews Jeff Zelaya

Meet South Florida: Jeff Zelaya 7.17.11 from Meet South Florida on Vimeo.

Thank you Agustina Prigoshin and the Meet South Florida crew for this honor.

I really loved the experience and am looking forward to meeting more great people in the South Florida community.

Make sure to tune in our next free webinar this Thursday, July 23 at 7 p.m.

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This prize includes:

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LinkedIn 101 Workshop

LinkedIn Speaker Trainer Teacher Workshop Webinar

Register Today for Our Next LinkedIn Webinar

On June 23rd I launched my first ever LinkedIn 101 Workshop with outstanding results! Originally, I set a goal to have at least 25 people registered for the call but demand was so much that I ended up with exactly 100 registered people for the LinkedIn workshop. We had a 50% show ratio which is on par with the industry average and we also received great feedback from those that attended.

During my LinkedIn 101 workshop I also launched a new LinkedIn Pro Consulting service with great results. We signed up a couple of clients already (for good reason). Here’s what it is.

LinkedIn Pro Consulting Includes:

  • 1 on 1 consultation with the “Most Recommended Member of LinkedIn under 30”
  • LinkedIn Ebook
  • The 5 Best LinkedIn Templates for Recommendations, Invites and Connections
  • Access to 6 Months of Premiere Workshops and Webinars
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  • All for the low investment of $97
These spots are really limited and I only have scheduling availability for 2 more: No Longer Available

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This webinar will teach you LinkedIn secrets and tips that will help you reach your goals. Whether your purpose is to use LinkedIn for business, for networking or to get a job this workshop will prepare you with the ammunition needed to get results fast.


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7 Ways to Cultivate a Positive Mental Attitude

Dale Carnegie - Positive Mental Attitude - Jeff BlogWouldn’t you agree that having a positive attitude helps you cope more easily with the daily grind of life? Optimism helps you avoid worry and of course negative thinking and having a positive mental attitude will bring positive changes into your life, and will make you happier and more successful. However developing a positive mental attitude is a challenge in it’s self.  certainly a state of mind that is well worth developing and strengthening.  In Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends and Influence People” he shares some great insight on how you can cultivate a positive mental attiude. Make sure you practice these habit daily because as Zig Ziglar says. “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” and the same thing is true with cultivating a positive mental attitude.

1) Fill your mind with thoughts of peace, courage, health and hope
2) Never try to get even with your enemies
3) Expect ingratitude
4) Count your blessings – not your troubles

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5) Do not imitate others
6) Try to profit from your losses
7) Create happiness for others

Please share below any other tips that you recommend to help develop a positive mental attitude.


LinkedIn Beginner Tips

Disclaimer: The following LinkedIn Beginner Tips might be outdated. For the newest LinkedIn Beginner Tips check out LinkedIn University.

So I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about LinkedIn recently especially with their IPO launch today. For those that are fairly new to LinkedIn or have not used it yet then this LinkedIn Beginner Tips post is the perfect place for you to start.  I would like to share with you some tips on how to maximize and leverage this great social media platform. LinkedIn is a great tool to build your business and relationships with people within your niche. If you apply the following tips and follow my advice you can quickly see results from your efforts. The great thing about LinkedIn is the huge network of people that it connects you to in such a short amount of time.


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linkedin Connections tips recruiting

I’ve been using LinkedIn for over a year now and have accumulated 1,427 connections and those 1,427 connections have opened me up to a potential of 10,757,548 professionals and that grows by the day. If you know how to use LinkedIn correctly those groups of people have the potential of connecting with your business and what you have to offer.
One of the keys when using LinkedIn is finding the right people to connect with, you will get the best results if you are targeted and strategic in your efforts. My favorite way to do this is by joining “Groups” related to my niche, interests or geographic location. linkedin groups

Joining groups on LinkedIn is the best way to start building your network of people to connect with. The key is to jump in, get involved, have discussions and start connecting. Make it a goal to add new connections every day to your network and over time you will see great results.

The most important thing is to have your LinkedIn profile 100% complete. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen with subpar and incomplete profiles. Having an incomplete profile can hinder you from getting found and also from making solid connections with other. The more information you can share about your business the better, be professional and finish what you start.

Getting recommendations is an important thing on LinkedIn. Recommendations give you added credibility and showcase your talents better. Sure you can brag all you want about your skills but when others are able to do it for you it looks a lot better. Find someone within your network…a friend or a colleague that trusts your work and ask them for recommendations please, please, please do not ask someone for a recommendation that is not familiar with your work or if you have a weak relationship. Chances are that you won’t get the recommendation and might come across in a bad way. As you can see I have been given over 60 recommendations and this has been a great credibility building factor it also gives you preference in discussion groups and in search results. Continue to build those recommendations and see the great results that come from that.

As a public speaker and LinkedIn trainer, I am always looking for ways to improve the visibility of my page. I have had great LinkedIn SEO success by setting up my profile with target keywords. Take a look at the screenshot and tell me which keywords you believe I’m optimized for. I am also in the process of building links to my LinkedIn profile and will keep you updated and share those results with you. Do you have any LinkedIn tips that you would like to share? Post them in the comment box below. I will also be sharing some more advanced LinkedIn tips.

linkedin recommendations tips

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