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Three Marketing Lectures Happening at FIU That You Cannot Miss

I am beyond excited to be visiting my alma mater later this month for what promises to be an amazing series of workshops that I’ll be facilitating for an amazing group of people.
The event is open to the public and you can RSVP by entering your name and email on the sidebar. We’ll send you more details via email once you RSVP.
The event is at the FIU MMC campus on October 26th from 10am to 1pm
A lot of work and research has gone into creating the  brand new content that will be covered in the following three marketing lectures:

Unauthorized Marketing 101 1/2


In this class we will cover real world marketing lessons that your professors might have overlooked or under emphasized. You will learn the 10 most valuable marketing lessons to learn before you graduate based on the experience and recommendations from recent grads and their success + failures. Learn about what you need to know and skills you need to develop to become successful in your marketing career.

Social Media Right Now…Now…Now


Social Media changes very fast. What is new yesterday is old today, so that’s why it’s important to know what matters today! In this one hour class we’ll learn the top 10 things that you NEED To know about Social Media RIGHT NOW so that you can be a leader instead of just a follower.

The Death of Social Media

12:15pm – 1pm

MySpace is dead, will Facebook be next? What about twitter and foursquare?
In this lecture I’ll share with you insight from experts, futurists and first hand experience about the “death” of social media as you know it now.
We’ll discuss why it’s not what you think, why you might not be prepared for it, and how you can change that.

Looking forward to seeing you there and please help me in spreading the word!

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DC Young Urban Professionals Present “A Love for Social Media” with Jeff Zelaya

I have the honor of being a guest speaker tomorrow at the DC Young Urban Professional Event.

I originally found out about this group through the co-founder LaWanda White of IndependentlyPR  and I first had met LaWanda through social media…all because of our mutual friend and TV superstar: Lianamar Dávila Sanabria

So when I moved to Washington D.C, LaWanda was one of the first to welcome me and to begin plugging me into local events and introducing to other PR, Social Media and Marketing professionals. She also invited me to my first YUPies event back in November which  I absolutely loved and met a fantastic group of like minded professionals including the other co-founder of YUPies Jenna Boyer.

Here’s some background on the DC Young Urban Professional Group:

“DC YUPies was created to bring together the creative, trendsetting, young, urban professionals of the DC Metropolitan area. This is more than an event, but a community of organizers and ambitious young professionals who are seeking to expand their business and personal network!”

The group has grown significantly over the past months and tomorrow’s event is expected to be the largest one yet…70+ RSVPS…but we still have room for you of course. You can RSVP on the DC YUPIES eventbrite page.

Tomorrow’s theme (with Valentines in mind) is

 “A Love for Social Media:

The Pros and Cons of Social Media Networks”

On February 7th over 50+ DC young professionals will congregate at Tabaq Bistro very conveniently located off the U Street Metro. The even is scheduled from 6PM to 9PM.

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I invite you to come and mingle over drinks and let’s network and discuss our love for social media!

DC Young Urban Professionals (YUPies)

If you can’t make it this time but want to be alerted about future events make sure to LIKE the DC YUPies Facebook Page.

Dr. Nathan Hiller Interviews Jeff Zelaya

Dr. Nathan Hiller Leadership Video Interview with Jeff Zelaya

Leadership Conversation Series

On November 28, 2011 I was invited to a Leadership Conversation with Professor Dr. Nathan Hiller. Those that know Dr. Nathan Hiller understand why it’s an honor to get an invitation from such a prestigious individual.

For those that don’t know him here is some background on the professor:

Dr. Nathan Hiller Profile Picture at FIU

Professor Dr. Nathan Hiller

Dr. Hiller is an Associate Professor at Florida International University a Founding Fellow of the FIU Center for Leadership.

He is very passionate about leadership and is the Faculty Director of The High Potential Leader, an intensive 4-day leadership development program for Director- and VP- level leaders. He’s a sought after consultant and subject matter expert. Fortune 500 organizations such as Novartis, Boston Scientific, Delta Airlines, Burger King Corporation, Hewlett Packard and Johnson & Johnson have tapped Dr. Hiller for his leadership expertise and guidance.

The Leadership Conversation that I was invited to is a running series that the professor has for one of his leadership classes at FIU. As an accomplished student leader at FIU, a Worlds Ahead Graduate and my accomplishments after graduation Dr. Nathan Hiller felt that I was a good candidate for the “Leadership Conversation”. Being one of the youngest person to be part of a series was an honor and I truly felt that students were really paying close attention to what I was saying since I was in their same shoes only a year ago. I believe that my perspective on leadership resonated with the audience and I was very happy to hear that it was well received. Check out some video excerpts of my leadership interview below.

AMA Saves Lives

As you may already know I am an American Marketing Association member and an alum of the AMA at FIU. Check out this letter from Christian Ricks below about an AMAzing life saving campaign that he’s working on with the rest of AMA FIU and AMA Collegiate National.

The American Marketing Association at Florida International University is a top 5 Chapter in the nation. They give students the opportunity to work on skills you wouldn’t otherwise get in the classroom such as professional development, internships and improving on basic skills such as resume building, interview skills and networking. A huge initiative that our chapter is working on is AMA Saves Lives. It is our collegiate associations way of being able to give back to a cause worth fighting for. AMA Saves Lives is about creating and spreading awareness about the need for organ donation.

AMA Saves Lives works side by side with Donate Life America a non profit organization. Donate Life’s mission is to drive individuals, organizations and communities to increase the number of designated organ, eye and tissue donors who save and heal lives. 90% of Americans support organ donation, yet only 30% know the steps it takes to become one. So it is our job to inform them that with this decision they can save up to 8 lives and it takes nothing from them.

With over 100,000 men, women and children waiting in hospitals for transplants, how can people not see the need for awareness. So we created a creative campaign called Unleash Your Inner Super Hero which shows how students can become super hero’s by making the decision to become organ donors. The AMA gives awards to the chapter who place top 5 in categories such as best event, most donors, most videos and best video. This Fall semester was a huge success for our FIU chapter and we are very proud of the work we have done.

We created over 60 videos, had 4 events, registered over 160 students and created an AMAzing best video. The video you see is staring two of our AMA Executive Board members Angela Gers and Andy Rubio. The video shows how the decision to become an organ donor can make a full circle and come back to change others lives for the better.

We truly feel like we are changing the communities opinion on organ donation and helping them register. We will continue our Super Hero campaign next semester and hope to grow on our success from Fall. If you would like to register to become an organ donor, you can go to It only takes 2 minutes and you can definitely make a difference.

Thank You,

Christian A. Ricks
Director of AMA Saves Lives
American Marketing Association
Florida International University


Top 10 Tweets of Ignite Miami

ignite_Miami_small Logo Jeff ZelayaIgnite Miami officially gave birth on the evening of Tuesday, May 29th. The Design District’s “The Stage” was filled at capacity with an audience in the hundreds. The goal of the night was to inspire, educate and engage the audience. Mission Accomplished!

Let’s re-live the most memorable moments of Ignite Miami through my carefully selected Top 10 Tweets List. 

10) Adam Boalt kicked off #IgniteMia as the first speaker of the first Ignite Miami. Quite a bit of pressure but he rose to the occasion with his presentation on “Hacking Innovation” rBB PR summed up his presentation quite well with the tweet below.

rBB Ignite Miami Tweet


9) Annush nailed it with the tweet below. The energy in the room was ELECTRIC! I know now why they call it Ignite….they were sparks of energy everywhere.

Annush Tweet - Ignite Miami


8 ) We could have made a fortune for charity if we would have followed David’s advice in the tweet below. We all know that there is no censoring the famous Carlos Miller. In all I counted about 8 F Bombs.  C’mon Carlos…you can do better than that. Let’s aim for at least 10 next time.

David Bisset Tweet about Carlos Miller

7) Maria de Los Angeles talked about the Little #Hashtag that could. How global ideas can start right in our backyard. Dr. Geeta Nayyar summed up her presentation in the tweet below. Maria you killed me when you actually played the It’s a Small world after all song. Nice touch!

Maria de los Angeles it's a small world after all

6) One of my favorite presentations was Gladys Diaz’s “Ignite Your Love Life”. She provided great practical advice and as a newlywed I really appreciate all the great tips that she shared. Betcha your butt I took some very good notes during her presentation. Message me if you want them. My favorite tip is below! Women listen to Gladys!!!

Women Keep it to Headlines

5) Ignite Miami would not have been possible without an appropriate venue. Thanks to the Stage Miami for provided a great space. For many it was their first time there but I’m sure it won’t be their last. The Stage Miami even created a special Ignitor drink for the event. How freaking cool is that? Yes, I agree @AmyStarlight

Amy Starlight Lawrence Ignite Miami Tweet The Stage

4) David Bisset was one of my favorite twitters of the night. Notice he made my top 10 list twice. That’s just as many times as the “face eating/zombie” story came up tonight. Leave it to #IgniteMia to be relevant and current. But yea…I agree it is too soon. Could we at least have waited till next week?

Face Eating Story

3) Jenny Lee Molina’s talk was about crossing things off your bucket list. She was an exemplary leader by checking off two things off her bucket list in 5 minutes. She did public speaking in front of the biggest crowd ever and she followed that up by giving away $100 to a stranger in the audience. Well done Jenny Lee! Now you know how Oprah feels when she gives away stuff.

Fat Girl Hedonist Jenny Lee Tweet

2) As you can tell from all these fabulous tweets the #ignitemia hashtag was really busy that night. So much so that we started trending in #Miami according to @Allantd’s tweet below.

IgniteMIA trending in Miami

1) And the number one tweet of the night goes to Brenda Leguisamo! She summed up exactly how I felt. A BIG HUGE THANK YOU, to Alex DC, Janie C and Lori Todd for organizing this amazing event and making the vision come alive. Love you guys!

Brenda Leguisamo Ignite Miami Alex DC JanieC Lori Todd


What were YOUR favorite moments of the night? Leave your comments below.


13 More Places That You Should Never Check Into on Foursquare

Last week I wrote the “5 Places That You Should Never Check into on Foursquare“.  In it I listed the worst places to check in and challenged readers to come up with their own. Below are the great answers that I received. The best comment is going to be awarded a $10 Starbucks Gift Card. I reveal the winner at the end of this article.  Here are 13 more places that you shouldn’t check into on Foursquare. 
  1. The Bank (Don’t get robbed!)
  2. Hotels (This means no one is home!)
  3. Work (This also means you’re not home)
  4. Grocery Store/Drug Store (Too boring -unless there are specials)
  5. Planned Parenthood (No comment)
  6. The Gym (The most controversial one on the list)
  7. The Medical Pot Shop (If you’re in California)
  8. The Traffic Lights or Intersections (Eyes on the road please!!)
  9. Drive by checking in is frowned upon!
  10. The restroom (ugh! Disgusting.)
  11. College Dorm (Safety First!)
  12. The Gas Station (Boring!)
  13. Bail Bonds (Might not go well with clients/employer)

 Thank you to Agustina Prigoshin, Maggie Anzardo, Shari McConahay, Geoffrey Anderson, Kamran Hameed, Mia Poder, Juan Escalante, James Echols, Maria De Los Angeles and Jaime B for these great answers.

However, the winner of the $10 Starbucks Gift card is Scott Lewis who wins with this clever comment appealing to my selfless ego and having nothing to do with Foursquare.


Congrats Scott! I’ll let you choose the second best answer.

ad:tech all nighter

Just a special message to my friends in college…if you think all nighters end when you graduate think again.
MediaWhiz - Hiring an HR Director
Currently, I’m running on caffeine and adrenaline. This week has been packed with research, phone calls, meetings and presentations – and it’s only Wednesday. In the past 36 hours I’ve gotten by on less than 6 hours of sleep.

I’m typing up this blog from the plane on route to NYC. The biggest digital marketing show in the country starts today and I’ll be at booth #1466 representing MediaWhiz. The agenda is overflowing with networking events, meetings and scheduled phone calls so it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting much sleep tonight either.

But I’m ok with that.

I’ve learned that in order to be successful – it means sometimes sacrificing sleep, it means sometimes being so busy that you forget to eat and it means hard work.

Anyone that tells you success is easy is lying to you. Success is challenging and not everyone attains it.

I believe that many people fail  because they have yet to realize that success is front loaded. What do I mean by that?

Well think of success as this airplane that I’m on. In order for this airplane to get into the air it needed to get a lot of momentum in the beginning to reach a certain speed so that we can have lift off and soar to our destination. If the plane was off from this target speed – it would never take off.

The same thing is true for success – you have to pay your dues upfront. Gaining momentum in the very beginning will help you accelerate toward your goals. That momentum is achieved through dedication to your craft, a determined attitude and the burning desire to succeed no matter what! If you lack the momentum and acceleration you will never be able to reach the point where you can take off, glide to success and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

So ask yourself where are you right now?
Are you gliding to success easy and effortlessly? Or are you in the process of building  up your momentum and acceleration to get there?

For me it’s the latter, I feel the acceleration and the momentum, success is nipping at my heels. That’s why now more than ever I am committed to pushing to make sure that my plane takes off even if it means sacrificing sleep. I can’t miss my mark and neither can you!

Heck, we can sleep when we die.

Agustina Prigoshin from “Meet South Florida” interviews Jeff Zelaya

Meet South Florida: Jeff Zelaya 7.17.11 from Meet South Florida on Vimeo.

Thank you Agustina Prigoshin and the Meet South Florida crew for this honor.

I really loved the experience and am looking forward to meeting more great people in the South Florida community.

Make sure to tune in our next free webinar this Thursday, July 23 at 7 p.m.

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9 Ways to Prevent Fatigue and Get Energized

energetic jeff zelaya dale carneige tips fatigueAs you wake up today especially after the Heat game and partying last night you might be feeling the fatigue. Luckily, you have the three day Memorial weekend to recover. But as Tuesday rolls around your bed might feel like glue as you try to get up. Battling fatigue is a daily occurrence, we all go thru it, however, there are ways to become more energetic. So why is energy important in the first place? Well, having energy is contagious, if you are discouraged, pessimistic, or lacking in energy, people will feel it. Do you want to infect the people around you with fatigue or energy? The choice is up to you. In Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends and Influence People” he shares some great insight on how you can be upbeat, energetic, and optimistic, so people will feel it. Your new found energy will positively effect the people around you and their outcomes.

Here are some tips that Dale Carnegie recommends to GET ENERGIZED! 

1) Rest before you get tired
2) Learn to relax at your work
3) Protect your health and appearance by relaxing at home

[sociallocker id=”6523″]
4) Do things in order of their importance
5) Focus on one thing at a time
6) Be organized
7) Learn to delegate
8 ) Put enthusiasm into your work
9) Don’t worry about insomnia


Got any other tips? Share them below:

how-to-win-friends-and-influence-people-cover-book free tips download

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