FIU should build a marketing campaign around this meme. Know your target audience! High School students that are surfing Reddit, Digg and 4Chan – they know about memes. (Click Here if you don’t know what a meme is) Reach your audience through the medium that they are on. Memes that begin on these sites quickly spread through Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the web. FIU is Worlds Ahead.

Why don’t we let our marketing efforts display that? Imagine this picture below as our online brand image. FIU is cool, we’re confident and we’re leaders. Let’s strut it and show it! An online marketing campaign that appeals to your target audience will be memorable and get results. FIU is relevant and we’re ready for the new age of online marketing. President Mark Rosenberg gets it! Strut your stuff because at the end of the day haters gonna hate!

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Mark Rosenberg Strut FIU Meme Haters gonna Hate

Image Courtesy of the FIU Meme Generators