Lion Fuse LogoA big, HUGE THANK YOU to my friends at Lion Fuse for designing my new Vocus business card.

They did a great job with the design and layout. Many people have complimented me on my business cards and they seem to really like the rounded and pointed edges. This business card stands out from the rest because of the color, the shape and the clean layout.

If you are looking for someone to design your business cards, look no further than the team over at Lion Fuse for help. You can contact the team at – they do great graphic design, web design among other things.
Vocus Business Card - Jeff Zelaya Sales


Are business cards dead or

are they still a valuable networking tool?

Although social media and mobile phones have made networking much easier and seamless, I believe that business cards are still an essential for any professional. I don’t expect people to hold on to the business card forever or put them in a Rolodex but I do expect them to take the card to their computer, type my name in Google and then send me an invite to connect with me on LinkedIn and my other social networks.

If you truly are interested in networking with someone that you’ve met in person then getting connected on social media is the logical next step in this day and age. Once you’re connected with someone online, then the business card goes right into the trash.

Do you hold on to business cards?

For how long?

Do you think business cards will ever go away?