Jeff Zelaya

LinkedIn Keynote for the New Orleans American Marketing Association

LinkedIn Keynote Speaker Delivers: Driving ROI with LinkedIn

Jeff Zelaya to present on April 16th in New Orleans

In this LinkedIn keynote presentation I will be teaching you everything a marketer needs to know about getting the most value from LinkedIn for yourself and your organization. My goal and personal mission is to guide and motivate you to take your LinkedIn presence to the next level and to get you to discover the vast opportunities that await within LinkedIn.

What you will gain from this presentation?

  • Increase your personal brand awareness
  • Increase your organization’s awareness
  • Increase your influence
  • Shape the perception of your brand
  • Generate leads
  • Drive revenue and profit

You’ll also learn:

  • Why your organization needs to market on LinkedIn
  • How to leverage LinkedIn’s Company Pages, Sponsored Updates, and more
  • How to expand the reach and targeting of your content marketing strategies
  • How to use Social Selling to find decision makers, build rapport and close more deals
  • And much more…

As a top recommended sales executive, speaker and marketing consultant I’ve been able to teach organizations and individuals how to drive more revenue from social media and I have personally used LinkedIn to generate $1.2 million dollars in 18 months by using only LinkedIn. Want to hear my story? Then come to my LinkedIn keynote presentation!

You don’t want to miss it.

Here are the details:

When: Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Where: Cafe Reconcile, 1631 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70113


See you there!

Neel Sus Profile Picture


“We’re very excited to have Jeff present to our chapter. It’s important for our members and other professionals in New Orleans and the surrounding areas to learn how to take advantage of LinkedIn as an opportunity for building relationships and increasing business.” – Neel Sus, President of AMA NOLA



Interested in booking Jeff Zelaya as a LinkedIn keynote speaker? Contact Jeff for more information

LinkedIn Speaker and Social Selling Expert: Jeff Zelaya from Jeff Zelaya on Vimeo.

AMA Saves Lives

As you may already know I am an American Marketing Association member and an alum of the AMA at FIU. Check out this letter from Christian Ricks below about an AMAzing life saving campaign that he’s working on with the rest of AMA FIU and AMA Collegiate National.

The American Marketing Association at Florida International University is a top 5 Chapter in the nation. They give students the opportunity to work on skills you wouldn’t otherwise get in the classroom such as professional development, internships and improving on basic skills such as resume building, interview skills and networking. A huge initiative that our chapter is working on is AMA Saves Lives. It is our collegiate associations way of being able to give back to a cause worth fighting for. AMA Saves Lives is about creating and spreading awareness about the need for organ donation.

AMA Saves Lives works side by side with Donate Life America a non profit organization. Donate Life’s mission is to drive individuals, organizations and communities to increase the number of designated organ, eye and tissue donors who save and heal lives. 90% of Americans support organ donation, yet only 30% know the steps it takes to become one. So it is our job to inform them that with this decision they can save up to 8 lives and it takes nothing from them.

With over 100,000 men, women and children waiting in hospitals for transplants, how can people not see the need for awareness. So we created a creative campaign called Unleash Your Inner Super Hero which shows how students can become super hero’s by making the decision to become organ donors. The AMA gives awards to the chapter who place top 5 in categories such as best event, most donors, most videos and best video. This Fall semester was a huge success for our FIU chapter and we are very proud of the work we have done.

We created over 60 videos, had 4 events, registered over 160 students and created an AMAzing best video. The video you see is staring two of our AMA Executive Board members Angela Gers and Andy Rubio. The video shows how the decision to become an organ donor can make a full circle and come back to change others lives for the better.

We truly feel like we are changing the communities opinion on organ donation and helping them register. We will continue our Super Hero campaign next semester and hope to grow on our success from Fall. If you would like to register to become an organ donor, you can go to It only takes 2 minutes and you can definitely make a difference.

Thank You,

Christian A. Ricks
Director of AMA Saves Lives
American Marketing Association
Florida International University


The AMA Northwestern Mutual Sales Competition Champion!

My flight was scheduled for 4pm on Thursday, it was then pushed back to Friday at 10am then pushed back once again to Friday at 10:55pm and if that wasn’t bad enough the 10:55pm flight was delayed and didn’t leave Miami International Airport till 1:30am on Saturday. Tired, exhausted and hungry we arrived at New Orleans at 3:30 am and still had to drive to our hotel (30 minutes away) and then go grab a bite to eat. Long story short we didn’t go to sleep till 4:30am and try sleeping when you have to be back up at 8am.

But even the sleepless night and the excessive delays didn’t prevent us from walking away victorious.

The AMA Northwestern Mutual Sales Competition began at 9am sharp – so we woke up put on our game faces…

The competition was fierce out of 50 students by 12pm only 5 were left. But it wasn’t over — at 12:15pm we begun the final round and had to do our presentation in front of a large audience and in front of a panel of five judges that will scrutinize your words, tone and body movement. After each contestants went the judges would furiously scribble down their notes and whisper among each other. After we all went the butterflies in the stomach were still not over..they wouldn’t announce the winners till that evening at 6:30pm.

ama northwestern mutual sales competition jeff zelaya

Jeff Zelaya wins 1st place at the American Marketing Association Sales Competition

6:30pm finally crawled along and it was show time. As they got ready to announce the winners, my heart starting beating super fast – I felt like it would give up at any moment and then it came 5th place – Jonathan Santana – my team mate snagged up 5th and I immediately got worried but still held on to hope. 4th Place…..3rd Place and so I knew I was in the top 2 since they had yet to call my name and then 2nd place was announced and my team went nuts.

You would have thought they were screaming for the 2nd place winner but 2nd place was won by someone else so they knew that the only name left unannounced was JEFF ZELAYA and so they called it and up to the stage I ran to take pictures with the big $500 check and claim my…

FIRST PLACE victory for the American Marketing Association Northwestern Mutual Sales Competition. 

An incredible moment and a very happy moment in my life. All the hard work had paid off. But the celebrations weren’t the award ceremony winded down there was still one more big award left unannounced and it was for the AMA’s Top Chapter of the Year AKA the Platinum Award…which FIU WON!!! The crowd once again went wild – everyone wanted to congratulate us and take pictures with us and so the trip that almost never happened concluded in the best finish possible. It was meant to be! Thank you for everyone that made this experience possible. Thank you to our ‘ama’zing AMA family and especially to our Advisors Tim Birrittella and Nancy Rauseo. Love you guys!!

Check our my very prophetic words in this video below…”FIU AMA will be number one!” Whatever you believe you will achieve!

{VIDEO} Jeff Zelaya @ FIU – Social Media for College Students Workshop

Thank you to everyone that came out to Florida International University for the social media workshop! I hope you had fun & learned alot. It was a great turnout & I REALLY appreciate everyone’s support & feedback. :) THANK YOU! ♥

Next stop on the tour is Broward College on December 2nd – South Campus – Breezeway Room – 11am

Also – for for the first 3 that leave a comment below I will send you the book “WordPress for Dummies” so you can learn all that the cool tips, tricks and techniques to revamp your site for FREE. Leave a comment – then click the pic below:

{Video}{PowerPoint} Social Media for College Students #FIU

Big thank you to the American Marketing Association at FIU for inviting me to present. I had a great time teaching my fellow college students how they can best leverage social media to help them take advantage of professional development opportunities. If you would like to invite me to speak at your next event contact me at:

You can view the video(link) and the PowerPoint below:

College Students & Social Media

Today at FIU, I’ll be presenting a free workshop on how college students can leverage social media to help launch their career and build their network. It would be so cool to see you there! Hope you can make it.

Jeff Zelaya

When: October 6th, 2010
Where: FIU MMC CBC 155
Time: 8pm