Come learn everything that you need to know about SOCIAL SELLING & learn how to leverage Sales 2.0 to CRUSH your sales numbers.

Sales 2.0 - Social Selling Webinar

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This Free Social Selling Webinar will empower you to:

          • Fill your sales pipeline with great opportunities
          • Help you discover key insights about your prospects & key accounts
          • Get warm introductions and practically eliminate cold calling
          • Connect with the key decision makers that sign the contracts
          • Close more deals and higher quality deals

Are you ready to break  your sales records by leveraging social selling?

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Why should you care about Social Selling?

New research on social selling by the Aberdeen group showcases the best practices for sales executives that actually get results. According to this latest social selling research organizations that leverage social selling correctly are on average able to:

  • Increase customer renewals by 15%
  • Increase team quota attainment by 31%
  • Increase reps hitting quota by 21%

LinkedIn is projected to pass 300 million members by the end of 2014 making it primed for social selling. Go to where your prospect and customer are! Check out more of these Social Selling Stats here.


Social Selling is a MUST in 2014

Increasing your social selling skills will make you a better sales executive. A great social selling executive will invest in building their LinkedIn profile to an all-star status, will curate and share relevant content, grow their network by sending connect invitations to prospects and also utilize their team member’s connection to deepen relationships with prospects and leads.

Social Sellers are leveraging LinkedIn by doing the following:

  • Finding and Researching Prospects
  • Connecting with Prospects and Getting Warm Introductions
  • Sharing Insights and Content
  • Building a Powerful Personal Brand
  • Generating  Leads Directly from their LinkedIn Profile
  • Effectively Engaging Prospects in LinkedIn Groups
  • Building a Strong Network
  • Creating an All-Star Profile that gets them discovered

2014 Top Notch Sales Producers are  no longer depending on phone calls to build their sales pipeline. Social sellers are aware that a new buying process means that they have to adapt to how their prospect and future customer is shopping.

According to Marketo, 65-70% of the buying journey will be conducted without a sales rep unless they know specific social selling techniques that will get them a seat at the decision making table . Social sellers must know how to provide insight throughout the buyer’s journey, to be seriously considered a future partner. In order to become a top producing sales person in 2014 you need to be aware of how to leverage the phone, email, voicemail and social media.

Social selling is a paradigm shift and top producers have already started to adjust.

Are you ready for selling in a 2.0 world?

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Today, sales representatives need to be a hybrid of traditional sales (phone, email and voicemail) mixed with a strong social presence, social klout and thought leadership. “Social Selling” is the new paradigm in selling, let Jeff Zelaya show you how’s it done. He’s helped hundreds of sales executives improve their social selling skills, are you next?

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