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Meet Jeff Zelaya

Social Selling Speaker - Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya loves to teach salespeople how to use social selling to CRUSH their sales quota.

Jeff is a social selling expert, marketing consultant and a professional public speaker who has presented at 53 events in the past 3 years. He’s the #1 most recommended sales professional on LinkedIn under the age of 30 and has generated $1.2 million in revenue in 18 months by using LinkedIn for lead generation.Tristan Cotter - Sales Manager

Jeff delivers social selling keynote presentations that aim to educate sales professional about the latest Sales 2.0 strategies, tactics and technologies. He can break down Social Selling to your old school veteran sales rep (so they can actually understand it) and then turn around and teach your most tech savvy, top producing, social salesperson a few new tricks.

His audiences love that Jeff not only has a deep online and social media marketing background but that he’s also spent time on the
frontline  as Top Producing Sales Executive. Some social selling speakers teach “social selling” but haven’t worked in a sales
organization implementing and executing that stuff that they’re “teaching” you.Social Selling Speaker Testimonial - Director of Sales - Andora Gandy

That’s NOT  the case with Jeff!

Jeff has first hand experience in using Social Selling to CRUSH his quota, break sales records, hit President’s Club and win numerous Sales Awards. 

He trains sales professionals how to leverage, LinkedIn, Blogging, CRMs, Twitter, Google+, Hubspot, Salesforce, Email, Mobile & other Social Selling technology that aims to make sales reps more effective and efficient.


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