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Facebook Tips from Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble Facebook Tips

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Thanks to Robert Scoble for sharing these excellent Facebook tips.

1. SHARE three posts from someone else about stuff you are interested in.
If it’s your friend’s kids, you’ll see more kid photos. If it’s tech/entrepreneurialism, you’ll see more of that.

2. Write five original posts about the same topic.
You’ll see even more of that same topic on your feed. I remember when I wrote about the Napa earthquake. My feed, within 30 seconds, became nothing but earthquake news. Most of the time I write about tech news and post videos with entrepreneurs, so most of my feed is exactly that.

3. Turn off as much privacy as you are comfortable with.
Especially let people follow you, instead of friend you. Then post some things to public. You’ll find your posts start getting an audience you never knew existed. Most of you are WAY too private. By the way, you can still post to just your family even after you turn on following. Each post has its own privacy.

4. Make sure your bio is up to date and public.
Most people don’t make it easy to find them. You’ll find coworkers and friends start finding you.

5. PUT EVERYONE in either “close friends” or “acquaintance” lists.
That makes your feed dramatically better (I’ve done this on dozens of people’s accounts and it always works).

6. Unfriend people who do not post to Facebook or engage with anyone else.
You’ll find your posts start getting reach they never did before. Why? Facebook only releases your posts to a few people at first and watches what they do with it. If you have friends who never like, never share, never comment, and never post their own things, THEY HURT YOU.

7. Make sure you like, comment, and share other people’s items.
That teaches Facebook what kinds of things you like to see in your feed.

8. Hide things you don’t want to see more of.
For instance, I hide almost all selfies, things with quotes, things with memes, things that make me stupider. Funny, now Facebook is showing me far fewer of those things. (Each post has a “I don’t want to see this” item in the drop down on right side of each post, which is how you hide things from your feed. I use that every day on many posts and Facebook continues to get better because of that).

9. Unfollow people who are too noisy.
Even your real life friends and family. If you put them in lists (you did follow #5 above, right) you can still see all their things by clicking on the list. But your main feed will get dramatically better.

10. Check your event page at least once a month.
Make sure you decline things you aren’t going to and accept things that you will. That makes those events go viral and helps everyone’s calendar out.

11. Check ALL of your Facebook settings once per month and make sure they stay the same.
Really important on mobile apps. I find if I delete the app and then reinstall it, all my settings go back to default. Understand each setting.

12. Turn on all security features like two-factor authentication.
People who do that generally don’t get hacked. Don’t care? You will when you get hacked. Do the same for your email and other social services too.

13. Make sure you have at least 10 public posts if you are trying to make friends.
Make sure those posts say something about you and your passions. If they are only selfies, don’t be shocked when people don’t accept your friend requests. (I won’t accept ANYONE as a friend if they don’t post at least some geeky/business items to public).

14. Don’t let people post to your profile without your approval.
I find that people who do that usually have crappy content and it almost always is a flag.

15. Make at least 400 friends.
People with fewer than that number of friends almost always are crappy at Facebook.

16. If you are going to friend someone with 5,000 friends you MUST have at least 50 common friends first.
Why? They can’t add more friends and use this as a sort of social proof to make sure you aren’t a jerk (jerks generally don’t keep that many friends). If you are going to friend a normal person, then you better remind them how you know them and it helps to have at least five common friends first, so they know that you aren’t just a spammer.

17. Most content does NOT get to you.
If you want to see more from specific people, VISIT THEIR PROFILES at least once a week and engage on their content. Or, even better, put them in a list and visit that list. Lists show all. Your main feed only shows you the most popular stuff from them (and that’s not really true, Facebook’s algorithms look at a variety of things to figure out what to show you). In general you are only seeing one out of 10 of my posts, if that. So you gotta visit my profile more often to make sure you get it all.

18. On Mobile, make sure Facebook’s app can know where you are.
That not only makes features like Nearby Friends possible, but also makes your feed have a few items from your location.

19. Mostly post using Facebook’s native tools/apps/web site.
Those who repost Twitter into here tend to be crappy at Facebook and engagement. Same with those who mostly use Buffer or other tools like Hootsuite.

20. Engage in your own comments, as well as those of others.
For people like me I look for signs you will engage and not just post. Plus, it helps you learn from others and encourages them to comment, which helps get your posts more reach too.

21. You can reorganize the stuff on the left.
I show how I do it in comments, but you on the web version of Facebook you can click little icons next to each item and reorganize them. I put lists up top so I can get to those fast.

22. Treat Facebook like a meal.
You wouldn’t just serve me pasta with no sauce, right? So, if you only have a feed with your kids photos, that is like pasta with no sauce. You DO have interests other than your kids, right? Same for those who post only selfies. You only interested in yourself? Or those who post only animals. You only interested in animals? Or, those who only post memes. Really? That’s what you want to be known for? OK, but I don’t need to stay your friend, either. Make sure you make your friends smarter and show that you have a diverse set of interests.

facebook-marketing-tips from Robert Scoble

Source: Robert Scoble’s Facebook Page

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Marketing Podcast of the Week: Patricia Mejia of Siteworx

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Siteworx is a leading digital and web agency that provides expertise across the full range of web and mobile tactics. The agency helps organizations define an optimal strategy, then execute with speed and efficiency.

Social Media & Business: A Perfect Pairing

Social Media and Business go together like; rice & beans, peanut butter & jelly, salt & pepper.

From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest, people gather virtually to initiate conversations, share musings, be entertained by videos and mull over thought-provoking images. Although businesses with visual elements or fun products can thrive on many social platforms, any business can build an engaging and even fun social presence. So if you think your business is too boring for social, think again. Here are a few companies that are proof you don’t have to be in the jazziest of industries in order to master the game of social media.

Social Media and Business


ChildHelp’s mission is to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect. This is a non-profit whose daily work is focused on trying to quash tragedy, and the subject matter the business is exposed to continuously is dark and emotionally difficult. But despite this, ChildHelp still has found a way to have strong social media profiles, especially on Facebook. The non-profit uses its page to enlighten people about the realities of its cause, as well as to entertain. By regularly weaving in relevant events and pop culture tie-ins, the Facebook page isn’t depressing, but rather uplifting and enjoyable.

H&R Block

You might think that a business like H&R Block would not have an easy time with social media. After all, tax preparation is not a notoriously sexy subject. But H&R Block has been able to create a very successful Pinterest page. By putting together boards that run the gamut from “Fashion on a Budget” to “Travel” to “Sports Finance,” the business displays its creativity and offers something for everyone.


Software is not usually the first thing that would come to mind when you think of something hip and fun, but HubSpot has managed to lay claim to both adjectives. One visit to the inbound sales and marketing platform’s Twitter page, and the company culture is undeniable. Every tweet shows personality and originality. HubSpot doesn’t forget to post pictures, infographics and shout-outs to its company blog in order to keep followers interested and engaged. So maybe software in the past wasn’t synonymous with a party mindset, but HubSpot sure makes it seem like it is now.


Few things in life are scarier than identity theft. But LifeLock, the well-known identity theft protection company, doesn’t use fear to sell its products. Instead, the company takes to its social pages to connect with prospects and deliver useful information. LifeLock’s Facebook page is a prime example of one that educates its audience about the industry and preventive measures, all while still having a good time. By regularly sharing timely news and relatable posts, the company acts like a friend to its customers via social media.


Nielsen, the global consumer and media insights business, is another one that you may not think is an immediate fit for social media. To the contrary, the company has found a way to be relevant and fun through several social channels. One example is Nielsen’s Twitter page, which is rife with things you’d expect like glimpses into the percentage of people engaging in certain behaviors. But Tweets also include things about pop culture and sports that lay people are likely to enjoy, like a random comment about an NFL game or commentary on TV shows. By catering to more popular areas of interest, the company doesn’t limit itself on social media.

If you’ve been feeling like you couldn’t possibly make your business lively enough for social media, think again. With a little creativity, you can use social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to share your company’s personality with your target buyer. Just let loose, think outside promotional posts and prepare to get social.

4 Facebook Marketing Tactics to Use Now

Facebook Thumb Up Real Life LikeFacebook has become more than a place for teens to post their selfies. It’s also a place for consumers and businesses to interact by sharing content. With more than 660 million people using Facebook on their mobile devices each month and 584 million people on it each day, Mark Cij and Erdal Gul say in “Facebook Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses” its unparalleled growth has made it the largest social media platform for registered and active users. It’s a lucrative marketing avenue for businesses of all sizes to build brand awareness, launch new products, provide customer service, and sell products and services.

Creating quality content that is valuable to your audience is a staple of online marketing. Being creative with your content posting really engages visitors and keeps them coming back, giving you the results you need to be competitive. Start with these four ways to improve your Facebook marketing.

Use These Essential Facebook Marketing Tactics

Use Facebook Contests and Requests

A major way to improve your Facebook marketing tactics is to use contests and requests to get your audience to participate and interact with your brand.

  • Ask your Facebook visitors to post pictures of how they’re using your products or testimonials of how your service has helped them. Coca Cola’s July 30th post called “Show us how you ShareaCoke!” shows photos of friends sharing a Coke at the beach.
  • Capitalize on major events and holidays with targeted contests like Coca-Cola did during the Sochi Olympics. The company hosted a Facebook series called #CokeGames and asked visitors to play and video games like Bottle Cap Hockey and Coke Curling and post them for $100 gift cards.

Crowdsource for New Ideas

Use Facebook as a way to engage visitors and customers in a sort of focus-group to find out what they want from your company, get new product, service, and customer service ideas, and let them really get to know your brand. Skype posts invites to chat with famous people with the Skype Collaboration Project, as well as asking people on Facebook about ideas for new Skype features they’d like to see.

Use the 70/20/10 Rule

Use a good mix of interesting and valuable content that your readers, customers, and visitors will enjoy and find valuable. Don’t just put your sales promotions in posts. Use the 70/20/10 rule, posting 70 percent of branded content that is business-building, like Lifelock does on its Facebook page, 20 percent shared from other sources, and saving 10 percent for promotions. This balances frequency and quality issues and doesn’t turn off your visitors with boring, single-focused selling posts. You can monitor and balance postings this way with an editorial calendar to schedule the content.

Share Videos

{VIDEO} Social Selling Speaker Jeffrey Zelaya from Jeff Zelaya on Vimeo.

Take Oreo’s cue and share Vine and Instagram videos on Facebook regularly featuring your product. Creative and fun videos create engagement and entertainment, both qualities that Facebook users appreciate. They don’t have to be perfect videos although good video marketing is a worthwhile investment.

These are just a few ways to improve your Facebook marketing methods. Remember to provide value and fun for visitors, with a focus on encouraging interaction and return visits.

6 Ways To Measure Your Social Media Success

FIFA World Cup LogoWith the FIFA World Cup kicking off, social media for businesses is booming with soccer competition hype. Facebook estimates that 500 million of its 1.28 billion users are soccer fans, including 110 million men aged 13-34 in big markets. This is a huge market for advertisers, especially those with a social media presence.

There are even predictions that this year’s World Cup will generate more online social buzz than any other sporting event including the recent Olympic Games the 2014 Super Bowl. One trending social marketing strategy that companies are currently investing in is interactive World Cup games to promote brand awareness and generate hype for the the global games.

The New York Times, for instance, created an interactive World Cup game called “Spot the Ball”. They gathered a few highlights from the first round of the games in Brazil and removed the ball from the photos. The purpose of the game is to see if you can figure out where the soccer ball is in the photo. This is a great example of a fun, engaging online game that the New York Times used to discreetly promote their brand. Other big name brands, like Castrol, McDonald’s, and Hyundai are using the World Cup to promote their brand as well.

One of the toughest parts about utilizing this type of social brand awareness is how to effectively measure their direct impact on your sales or lead numbers. To some extent, social metrics will always be ambiguous; however, there are a few things you can do to measure your social success.

1. Set Social media goals – Are you a new company interested in getting your name out there, or a more familiar company going through a rebranding stage? If so, your social media goals would be around brand awareness. However, if you’re promoting your new apparel line of World Cup jerseys, your social media goals should be tailored around ROI and sales. These goals are important to know when defining your social strategies.

2. Quantify your Social Media Listening – One of the most often overlooked uses of social media is brand “listening.” Listening the process of identifying and analyzing what is being said about a brand. If you’re not listening to your customers,
you’re missing the point of social media.

3. Create a rating system for your social engagement – Facebook likes, for example, get 1 point, Facebook comments get 3 points and Facebook shares get 5 points. A quick sum of values during your campaign will help you know whether or not your efforts are successful.

4. Determine the right social media platform for your brand. What works for some companies, may not work for yours. I found this link helpful when determining how to choose social media platforms to build my brand.

5. Determine social media success based on traffic from the social source, social media reach (or impressions), lead numbers, and conversion rates. Depending on the business, conversion rates and goals should be tailored around online purchases, contact form completions, clicks to site, newsletter or blog signups, whitepaper downloads, social interactions, video views, and so on.

6. Track your campaigns and report findings. There are many social platforms tracking sites that you can use to aggregate your data from all social channels to view in one place. While some companies, like Tagboard (a cross-network, hashtag engagement tracking company) are more specific and only allow you to track one type of social metric, other companies, like SumAll, allow you to view all of your social campaign data from all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) in one place.

Below are a few more tips to remember this year while utilizing social media to connect with potential brand fans:

  • Play nice! Don’t bash teams that do not do well, be polite and show your nation’s pride through your social posts.
  • Create fun images and memes to share across social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc. Try not to make them too negative like all of the memes about Spain.
  • Stay in top of the games to update your tweets and Facebook statuses. The more social engagement and buzz you can create, the better.
  • Utilize hashtags to make it easier for people to find and follow your brand’s discussions.


This blog post was authored and contributed by Alexandra Saville, the PR & Media Outreach Manager at Techwood Consulting 

Kred fails horribly with this email pitch

Kred aka Klout's evil twin

Kred aka Klout’s evil twin

Today Kred (otherwise known as Klout’s evil twin) sent me the email below letting me know that I was in the Top 5% of all social media users. Making me as they call it a “Social Media Superstar”. Thanks Kred for the pat in the back, but exactly how meaningful is this information. Are they only interested in building up my ego so that I could buy one of their .CEO domains or are they actually sharing with me anything else of value?

Is having a .CEO worth paying $99 a year? How is a .CEO better than YOURNAME.COM?

Kred, these are the questions I want to know the answer to instead of a cheesy CONGRATULATIONS YOU’RE SPECIAL JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE type of pitch. Did any of the influencers below pay to get their .CEO domain? No, then share with me actual stories of real people who opened up their wallets to buy a .CEO domain.

You’re pitching and pitching but not giving me anything of value and useful, except the fake bragging right to be called a Super Influencer because I have a Kred Score in the Top 5% of all people online who created an account at (exactly how many people have created a account?).

Kred fails and missed the mark with me, but you might think differently, if so let me know in the comments below:

Hey but at least least the infographic below is nice /s:
Top Kred Users

Kred fails, do you agree?

Looking for a Social Media Speaker for Students?

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I’m Excited to be a Featured Social Media Speaker for the MACMA event

MACMA ConferenceOn May 1st, I will be a featured social media speaker at the Mid-Atlantic Club Management Association (MACMA) conference entitled:

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Social Media Speaker Reel Example from Jeff Zelaya on Vimeo.

Social Media Speaker, Jeff Zelaya is the Keynote Speaker at the Mid-Atlantic Club Management Association (MACMA) annual conference. MACMA held this special social media marketing workshop and networking event on May 1, 2014 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The event featured top social media experts such as Josh Gerber, Marketing Manager at Brick Bodies, Dawn Taylor, Account Executive at Members First and Social Selling expert and marketing consultant Jeff Zelaya.

Maximize Your LinkedIn Company Page Webinar


LinkedIn Company Pages allow you to showcase your business and help you connect to your target audience…if you use it strategically!

Just having a LinkedIn Company page is not enough, in order to maximize your results with a company page you have to integrate it into an all encompassing marketing & sales strategy PLUS know exactly what levers to pull and what buttons to push on your LinkedIn company page to actually make it all work.

With over 277 million LinkedIn members according to wikipedia, LinkedIn is replete of marketing and sales potential for the savvy professionals and organizations. However, this potential has been largely untapped because so many companies and marketing professionals aren’t aware or educated on how to effectively use LinkedIn to drive lead generation, brand awareness and ultimately sales revenue.

Next to leveraging your own personal LinkedIn page, strategically using your LinkedIn Company Page is the best method to marketing within LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers company pages opportunities to view more detailed analytics, launch paid engagement campaigns and highly targeted LinkedIn advertising that can serve the purpose of the HR departments and Sales department alike.

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“Maximize Your LinkedIn Company 

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Some of the topics that we will cover in this webinar are:

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  3. How to use brand ambassadors to drive word of mouth, recommendations, and referrals.
  4. How to cultivate an engaged LinkedIn community that facilitates going viral and maximizing reach + engagement.
  5. How to drive better quality leads at a higher volume via status updates
  6. How to incorporate LinkedIn into your overall marketing, sales and PR strategies

and lots more…..

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