Rustin Kluge Tells Students to Say No To Bullying

October is Bullying Awareness Month

Rustin Kluge has been an athlete his entire life

playing soccer , baseball, football, basketball, roller hockey all through his younger years in grade school. In high school and college he committed to soccer and played division 1 soccer under John Hackworth at USF and also for FAU Owls where Rustin Kluge graduated.

He has interacted with all kinds of players on and off the fields and he understands the psyche of teamwork. This love of sports lead him to start his first business Apogee Speed and Agility. Unfortunately Rustin Kluge has concluded that bullying takes place on and off the field, in and out of the classroom and at home and in the neighbors back yard.

We caught up with Rustin Kluge during Bullying Awareness Month in October who is also an advocate for Stand Up (to bullying).  In preparation for November’s “Stand Up” we found Mr. Kluge who is a speed and agility consultant for children and adults. Rusty has taken an interest in the battle of bullying. Rustin Kluge who often works with young children through sports training is addressing bullying both on and off the field.

“Bullying provides an imbalance of power always leaving someone a victim. Studies have shown that bullying as aggression can be displayed verbally and physically and is often repeated.” – Rustin Kluge

He goes on to cite that approximately 25-35% of students in high school admit to having been bullied or to bullying someone else. Rustin has noted that bullying starts in the lower grades and escalates as children get bigger and stronger. He’s recorded that up to 50% of all people have experienced cyber bullying during their lifetime. That’s why Rustin Kluge believes in education and enlightening teachers, coaches and parents are crucial in order to stop bullying.  Rustin says It is grossly under estimated how much bullying goes on in the class room, on the field and during play dates at home.

In fact Rustin Kluge sites being bullied is only reported about 50 % of the time . Rustin Kluge has spoken with parents of children that have been bullied and more than half of the time, Rustin Kluge says that the parents were not even aware. In his Anti-Bullying work, Rustin has determined that 40% of workers in are thought to have been bullied in the workplace.Often times the bullying is not only from co-workers but the employers themselves according to Rustin.

Through interpretation of data he’s concluded that bullies actually have very high self -esteem which came as a surprise, but what makes matters worse according to this anti-bullying expert is that people who are witnessing these actions standby and watch without trying to stop the bully because they are afraid that if they say something they too will be bullied and become the next victim. Rustin Kluge wants us to understand exactly what bullying is and that it affects all ages, genders, races and cultures. He goes on to say “{bullying} it is a worldwide problem that needs to be addressed.”

“Physical or verbal aggression that is repeated over a period of time and involves an ALPHA personality  and this harassment, name calling, gossiping, or rumor spreading often goes beyond in person altercations and  extends to the use of emails, chat rooms, blogs, or other social media also known as cyber bullying” says Rustin Kluge

Although Rustin started out researching bullying with children in school and on sports fields, he soon learned that it can also occur at work and include behaviors like verbal abuse, sabotaging the victim’ s job or work relationship, or misusing authority. Rustin believes that adult bullies who engage in these behaviors are males more than half of the time.

Kluge suggests that parents ,teachers and coaches learn more about bullying and what they can do to recognize when this is happening under their watch. Rustin also reminds us that October is Bullying Awareness month, now that October is over it does not mean we should stop being aware.

“I believe that vigilance is needed every day to help protect and educate children and adults on how to stop bullying” – Rustin Kluge

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