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Racist Home Depot Tweet Goes Viral

Racist Home Depot Tweet

This Home Depot tweet pictured below went viral within minutes of being tweeted out.

Home Depot Tweet Goes Viral. Please Complain That It’s Racist.

A community manager at Home Depot’s marketing agency sent out the above tweet. The agency and the individual that sent out have been fired. Home Depot was going in the right direction and this whole PR nightmare situation could have easily blown over. BUT…another misstep was spotted.

Home Depot uses automation to react to human emotion on twitter. See tweet below:

Home Depot's Automated Customer Service

Imagine if the situation was handled by a social media community manager that gave personal attention to your followers.

That cared enough about them as individuals that it took the 5 seconds to respond to them in a personalized way.

INSTEAD…you use a canned response that makes it seem like you don’t really care.

Here’s my complimentary social media consultation for you: Find a good human that can manage your social media well and you don’t have to worry about these PR snafos. Call me!



Is this tweet really racist or is Twitter just applying racist overtones to a corny attempt at a joke?


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Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya

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Jeff Zelaya
Jeff Zelaya

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