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Social Selling Training Workshop at Siteworx

Social Selling Trainer Siteworx Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya talking social selling at the Siteworx HQ

Last week I facilitated a social selling training workshop for my new client Siteworx. Siteworx is an award-winning digital agency best known for it’s breadth of expertise with web design, web content management and systems integration. Based out of Reston, Virginia and with seven offices scattered from coast to coast, Siteworx plans on continuing growing and is currently focused on equipping their business development and sales team with the latest knowledge and tools to help them attract and acquire new clients.

Interested in hearing the insights that I shared with their sales team? Check out the video below for a replay of my social selling training workshop.

7 Smart Ideas to Advance Your Public Speaking

It takes no particular brains to be able to talk to friends, family members or colleagues at workplace, does it? When then, do we have a hard time mastering public speaking?

It’s because public speaking is not something we are naturally trained for.

We learn to write, speak and communicate in many other forms at a young age.

But public speaking – it’s usually taken up as a separate vocation.

To make the matters worse, we develop stage fright and nurture countless other fears and doubts inside us with time that keep us from becoming powerful mass communicators.

Jeff Zelaya Public Speaking Marketing

If you want to be a public speaker who leaves his audiences spellbound, you’ve got to practice a lot and learn from those who’ve “been there and done that.”

Listed below are some smart ideas to advance your public speaking:

1. FEEL that You’ve Got there Already

First things first, you’ve got to “believe” that you will become a great public speaker. It’s important to do self-assessments every now and then but more important than that is the ability to “feel” that you’ve got there already.

Imagine yourself delivering a keynote speech at a big hall. Do it often.

Feel the excitement, hear the claps & watch people listening attentively to every word you say.

Spend at least 15 minutes a day imagining yourself as the public speaker you want to be.

You will be amazed at just how quickly you will overpower many of your limitations through this simple exercise.

2. Gather & Tell Stories Everywhere You Go

You don’t have to practice in a closed room or in front of your close friends at all times.

Gather and tell stories on the go.

If you observe or read something interesting, inspiring or “worth telling” today, how will you “narrate the short story” to someone else?

Do it and notice your audience’s reaction.

Can you make people laugh? Can you manage to get their attention? Can you make them THINK by providing suitable anecdotes or incidents?

You may have a hard time at first but keep doing it nonetheless.

Tips To Better Conversations3. Learn How to Make People Laugh

You’ve got to be an interesting person to be a great public speaker.

No matter how serious the topic, you will have to almost always make people feel at ease.

To learn how to convulse people with laughter, you’ve got to know what really “clicks.”

Keep in mind that the kind of jokes that make Indians laugh may sound like a puzzle to Americans and vice-versa. People have different tastes.

Start practicing at home, office, club and everywhere else you go. Don’t give up if you fail at first. A Wikihow link on how to make people laugh.

4. Do Your Homework for a Specific Audience and Occasion

Are you going to deliver a speech at a college function? Is your company launching a new product? What kind of people are in the audience?

Take notes and prepare for your speech accordingly. You can also read a good post called: 12 Points To Being A Better Public Speaker

5. Practice Loud Self Talk

This one is fun. It’s about practicing public speaking in your head.

Whether you are taking a shower in bathroom, preparing evening meals or just out for a leisure stroll, you can talk to yourself loudly in your head. Speak as loudly as you would on stage and listen to every word carefully.

It’s not easy but it can help you a great deal on how to connect ideas.

You can follow some inspirational speakers here to advance your public speaking. Follow them and see their videos to improve public speaking. It is a good idea and many people follow it

6. Practice Body Movements & Facial Expressions

man looking shockedPractice different body movements and facial expressions in front of a mirror and in a closed room at home.

How are you going to move towards the audience just when you have all their attention?

How will make a face when you say something very funny? What should your face look like when you point out something very serious?

7. Have a Backup Plan Ready

No matter how well you’ve prepared for a speech or how long you’ve been a public speaker, there’re always chances that you will lose track on stage or forget some ideas you planned to communicate to the audience.

Having a backup plan like is therefore important.

Some ideas are:

  • Some notes you can refer to in case you forget something important
  • A glass of water on stage that you can pick up if you need some time to think
  • Some ready questions you can ask the audience if they look bored
  • Crisp lines you will say just in case you fumble or move to a different slide

Jonthan Curran Promotivate Speakers AgencyWe are glad and hope you enjoyed the article contributed by Jonathan Curran on How to Advance Your Public Speaking. He represents PROMOTIVATE Speakers Agency Europe a group of motivational, conference, women, sports and after dinner speakers. Follow us on Google+ to get more updates.






FIU Black Professionals Summit Invitation

FIU Black Professionals Summit I wanted to extend an invitation for you to join my friends and I for this amazing summit that will make a direct impact on you and your community.

The Black Professionals Summit will take place at the Florida International University, Biscayne Bay Campus on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 9:00 AM.

This is an open invite to all professionals in South Florida, so tell your friends! Link up with professionals in a wide range of industries and build your network. Get additional career development skills while building connections and relationships.

I’ll be hosting a workshop titled:

“How To Market & Sell The

Best Product In The World: YOU!”

I’ll teach you how to build a powerful personal brand that gets you results! Whether your goal is to get a career offer from your dream employer, build your own business or get promoted, you’ll learn the best strategies & techniques that will help you do it. This is one dynamic & high energy workshop that you don’t want to miss. Perfect for both professionals and driven students. So don’t delay, space is extremely limited.

Register NOW for the Black Professionals Summit. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

My workshop starts at 12:00pm and prior to the workshop I’ll also be taking part in the FIU Black Professionals Summit: Entrepreneurship Panel at 11am. The panel will be sharing about personal paths towards success, frank and candid responses about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and answering questions from the audience as it relates to the topic of Entrepreneurship.

About The Black Alumni Professional Summit:

The FIU Black Alumni Chapter, Black Student Union and South Florida Black Professionals Network have partnered up to host the inaugural Black Professionals Summit: “Molding the Keys to Success.” This event will be comprised of a series of workshops, a professional organization showcase, résumé critiquing and keynote speakers tailored to empower current and emerging black professionals.

Wolfe University Center
Florida International University – Biscayne Bay Campus
3000 NE 151 ST
Miami, FL 33181

Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 9:00 AM



Can’t attend but would love to still help out and promote it? CLICK HERE

Black Professionals Summit

{Podcast} Dario Philippe Interviews Jeff Zelaya

Dario Philippe Launches:

Waiting On A Superhero Podcast Series

Dario Philippe aka Dario Inspires has dedicated his life to helping people dream and to dream big.

Dario is a Youth Motivational Speaker and in the business of helping to inspire people to foster the courage to live them out. Dario recently interviewed me for his latest podcast series: Waiting on Superheros (WOS)
#1 Ranked LinkedIn Speaker

This podcast was created by Dario Philippe to call World Changers, Catalysts, and Social Entrepreneurs to ACTION! In this series he interviews influencers and thought leaders. Check out the series and learn from their journeys, failures, and moments of triumph! The Waiting on Superheroes podcast will encourage you to stop waiting on Superheroes and help you realize that “Your greatest frustration is something YOU were put here to solve”!

Click here for the podcast

Sales 2.0 Speaker at 2014 BXSI Annual Sales Conference

I’m beyond excited to be presenting at the upcoming 2014 BXSI Annual Sales Conference.

BancorpSouth Insurance Services has booked me

as their featured Sales 2.0 speaker.

Sales 2.0 Speaker - Bancorpsouth Sales Speaker

As my 2014 Social Selling Speaking Tour continues I am thrilled to be seeing an increasingly amount of awareness and acceptance of Sales 2.0. The top sales manager and sales executives understand that sales is evolving and changing. The high pressure, fast talking, “salesy” tactics are not as effective as they might have been in the past and if you use them today the only thing you will “close” is the door behind you as you leave  the prospect’s office with no sale, no relationship and a bad reputation!

As technology like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and smart phones change consumer behavior and the buying decisions so should the way salespeople use these channels to their advantage. Social selling is no longer in its infancy and now there is solid proof and detailed social selling case studies that conclude what many like myself have already witnessed first hand…

Social Selling is here to stay because it gets results!

Only those salespeople that adapt will be able to survive and thrive in a technology & data driven world. The Sales Management at BancorpSouth Insurance Services has made the decision that they want their sales reps prepared and educated for Sales 2.0 and that’s exactly what I will be doing come this Friday, August 8th in Jackson, Mississippi. Looking forward to hanging out with the hundred of BancorpSouth team members that will be present for the 2014 BXSI Annual Sales Conference. I’m BRINGING IT! So I hope you guys are ready!! :-)

About BancorpSouth Insurance Services

BancorpSouth Insurance Services is powered by BancorpSouth Bank; a wholly-owned subsidiary of BancorpSouth Inc., a $13.4 billion-financial holding company based in Tupelo, Mississippi. Business Insurance magazine ranks BXSI as the nation’s 33rd largest brokerage and the 4th largest bank-owned agency. BXSI has 33 offices across 9 states with over 600 insurance and risk management professionals ready to serve.

Interested in booking a Sales 2.0 speaker for your Sales Conference?

Let me know! Click here to contact me today.

Personal Branding Speaker Reel

Personal Branding Speaker Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya

Do you need a professional, HIGHLY


personal branding speaker for your event?

Watch professional public speaker, Jeff Zelaya rock the crowd as he talks about Personal Branding with this group of college students. Jeff’s story resonates and motivates the audience to take action towards success. Contact him today for booking info or go to to learn about his special workshops and trainings for universities and colleges.


Presentation for FIU DC Summer Interns

FIU Alumni, Jeff Zelaya BA ’11 & Larissa Ramos BA ’99 will be presenting a Personal Branding Workshop for College Students, specifically, the FIU DC Summer Interns on July 22nd at 7pm. See flyer below for details:


Slides for the FIU Personal Branding Presentation Are Below:

TRSA Sales & Marketing Summit 2014 Speakers

I’m excited to be a featured LinkedIn speaker at the 2014 TRSA Annual Sales Conference:

Social Selling Speaker Jeffrey Zelaya TRSA

If you’re attending the TRSA Sales & Marketing Summit come ready to learn the latest strategies & techniques around personal branding, social media, social selling and of course LINKEDIN. Besides my LinkedIn presentation you’ll also hear from from various digital marketing, branding and sales subject matter experts. They will be presenting topics that are of great value to business men and women that are looking to increase their company’s awareness, lead generation, revenue, customer satisfaction & of course….PROFIT! (What professional in sales & marketing isn’t looking to do this?)

Some of the most interesting topics and sessions that I will personally be checking out are the ones on: generating & qualifying leads using internet tools & using the latest business intelligence technology to gain a more intimate knowledge of a potential customers’ needs. This event has some great speakers and you defintely don’t want to miss this if you’re a TRSA member that’s involved in sales & marketing.

Here is an excerpt of the speaker lineup for the TRSA Sales & Marketing Summit 2014 (see full line up here)


Jeffrey Cufaude Profile Picture

Jeffrey Cufaude

Jeffrey Cufaude, Principal, Idea Architects
“Increase Sales through Sharing and Serving”

Troy Harrison Profile Pic

Troy Harrison

Troy Harrison, President, SalesForce Solutions
“Smart Sales Hiring”

Aldy Keene Profile Picture

Aldy Keene

Andrew Steiner AmeriPride Services

Andrew Steiner

Aldy Keene, Loyalty Research Group & Andrew Steiner, AmeriPride Services
“Value of Measuring Customer Relationships”


Justin Goodman Profile Picture

Justin Goodman

Justin Goodman, Digital Analytics Strategist @ Analytics Pros
“Internet Marketing”


LinkedIn Expert Profile Picture: Jeffrey Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya, Senior Sales Manager @ Triblio
“Leveraging LinkedIn to Build Your Business”

This year the TRSA Sales & Marketing Summit will also feature 30 minute speed networking/ learning sessions focused around product marketing & building business relationships. The committee for the TRSA Sales & Marketing Conference is excited about all the confirmed textile services company owners, executives, sales managers and marketing managers that have already confirmed their attendance.

The event begins on a Thursday, July 17, 2014 and runs through Friday afternoon, July 18. This year’s conference will be held at: Baltimore Harbor Hotel, 101 West Fayette Street • Baltimore, MD 21201 (See Google map below)

View Larger Map

Press Play To Watch An Expert LinkedIn Trainer

Video of LinkedIn Trainer, Jeff Zelaya in Action:

On April 17th LinkedIn Speaker, Jeff Zelaya presented to the American Marketing Association in New Orleans. Jeff spoke about Social Selling and specifically on how to use LinkedIn for social selling and how to drive an ROI from sales 2.0. The video above showcases the public speaking ability & social selling knowledge of Jeff Zelaya.

Jeff is currently ranked as LinkedIn’s #1 most recommended social salesperson and the #1 recommended public speaker under the age of 30. Jeff Zelaya has presented in over 50 conferences, events and seminars in the past 3 years on the topics of LinkedIn for Business Development, LinkedIn for Marketing and Social Selling. Inquire about booking Jeff to speak at your event. Click here.

LinkedIn Expert - Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya is a leading LinkedIn expert and #1 Ranked LinkedIn Speaker by Google

Looking for a Social Media Speaker for Students?

Check out my portfolio of presentations and speeches that I’ve given as a social media speaker for students: