Ever wondered how you can use psychology to your advantage?

Here are some psychology tricks that you can use in your daily life.

Try them and let me know how it goes.

mind tricks social media blogConversations:

  • If you are stuck in a boring conversation feign interest by intentionally mirroring the person’s behavior to build rapport and encourage your interest in the conversation itself.
  • Saying someone’s name will help you remember and have that person like you a bit more. People love hearing their name.
  • Get the person to talk about themselves. The act of listening will make you more friends than talking too much.
  • Ask questions, act interested, and find points of commonality to increase rapport.
  • Act like you’re confident and people will believe you are.
  • Tell a “secret” about your personal life and often it will be reciprocated.


If you want someone to do a moderately big favor for you, ask them to do something even bigger that you’ll feel that they’ll definitely say no to. Then ask them to do the smaller favor, and since they feel guilty for saying no to the big one, they’re more likely to say yes. People will compare the first favor to the second, and it’ll be much smaller, and much easier to say yes to.

If you are really busy and someone comes into your office to talk but you can’t spend time with them right now and don’t want to be rude about it. Just get up and walk out as you talk to the person. The person will feel compelled to follow you. Walk to his/her desk and they will feel compelled to sit back down. Then walk away.

90% of the time you can get a person to follow you by talking and walking away.

Place an item in the customer’s hand say a couple of good things about it, and you will improve your chances of that customer buying the product.

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If you want to get information out of strangers:

  • Put them in a position of assumed superiority by dressing a little shabbily, or just wearing one really ugly article of clothing.
  • Appear confused and tired. Think Colombo.
  • Get information about a person by imply familiarity. Don’t ask a stranger what they know about Robert, ask if they’ve heard from Bobby.
  • Create an awkward silence. The person will attempt to fill it in.

To defuse situations of potential conflict:

  • Increase personal space by 50%.
  • Assume a non-threatening stance. Lean against a wall, slouch a little, fold your arms, etc.
  • Lower your voice to quieter than normal levels.
  • Give the person a way out of a disagreement, letting them save face.

E.G: When you see your co-worker do something wrong instead of shouting out, “What the heck are you doing?”  Try “I’ve never seen someone do it like that before. It’s kind of interesting, but have you ever tried it like this?”


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