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Psychology Tricks For Everyday Life

Ever wondered how you can use psychology to your advantage?

Here are some psychology tricks that you can use in your daily life.

Try them and let me know how it goes.

mind tricks social media blogConversations:

  • If you are stuck in a boring conversation feign interest by intentionally mirroring the person’s behavior to build rapport and encourage your interest in the conversation itself.
  • Saying someone’s name will help you remember and have that person like you a bit more. People love hearing their name.
  • Get the person to talk about themselves. The act of listening will make you more friends than talking too much.
  • Ask questions, act interested, and find points of commonality to increase rapport.
  • Act like you’re confident and people will believe you are.
  • Tell a “secret” about your personal life and often it will be reciprocated.


If you want someone to do a moderately big favor for you, ask them to do something even bigger that you’ll feel that they’ll definitely say no to. Then ask them to do the smaller favor, and since they feel guilty for saying no to the big one, they’re more likely to say yes. People will compare the first favor to the second, and it’ll be much smaller, and much easier to say yes to.

If you are really busy and someone comes into your office to talk but you can’t spend time with them right now and don’t want to be rude about it. Just get up and walk out as you talk to the person. The person will feel compelled to follow you. Walk to his/her desk and they will feel compelled to sit back down. Then walk away.

90% of the time you can get a person to follow you by talking and walking away.

Place an item in the customer’s hand say a couple of good things about it, and you will improve your chances of that customer buying the product.

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Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya

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7 thoughts on “Psychology Tricks For Everyday Life

  1. geoff

    Good stuff Im right there with U buddy, I went to leave my email and thought oh nice trick, using this page to gain rapport for your career, very clever. It clicks with the email tho, I feel, you need a link to a video, like a hey this stuff is valuable id like if I could get some you tube views so click here to watch some more and rest those eyes a little from the strain of reading’..then, a collaboration of all your efforts in a psychologically entertaining way and an explanation about how you got them to click the link and why you’ll be able to use your skills to help them gain to help you gain. Rapport on the next level. A picture speaks (or unconsciously activates more of the brain making it easier for you to make familiarity) a thousand words…..basically a triple hook to plant that business seed 😉
    And a good one I like to use to find something out is, ask a question that you know is around what you want to know, or so that you know the words they’ll say will fit a certain topic, then look for weird body language micro gestures, twitches, tapping, eye movements, most the time if your looking you’ll see it with ease but you’ve trained your self over time to ignore most of the subtle aspects and only notice things like, a wave good bye as body language, or facial expressions that we have trained to lie with, remember that work college you had to smile at even tho you felt like hurting them , or when your parents said , don’t make that face when you squint at the thought of food you honestly hate.
    So when you notice you’ll see things like eye twitches, lip twitches, leg rubbing, arm crossing, extra blinking, an in ability to hold eye contact or to much eye contact, they may look like their trying to control what their doing, like thinking about how to hold a cup after 20years of doing it unconsciously.
    Now when you finally notice, make sure you take note about what word it was on, like weather it was a name or a place or a thing, then ask a question based around the topic of the word, carefully looking for gestures on words.
    Use this as a system to get closer to the thoughts of the person that are attached to stress or deep thought, this is not easy and you can easily get on a roll in the wrong direction, making the person stressed and altering the results, don’t go jumping to conclusions,
    This may force a confession or make a set answer when you ask straight out, as in they think your on to them so they swing towards the truth rather than trying to keep lying, especially when you bring in a third person that’s their close friend, and lay blame on them, as well and they deny it or you use someone who clearly would turn their back on the person but the person wouldn’t to them and force the truth to come out, if that’s the way you where swinging 😉

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