Paid Search are advertisements in which the sponsor pays for placement on a search engine results page. Whenever you do a Google, Bing or Yahoo search the search engine provides two kinds of results. The ones that appear in the center are known as organic results and the ones on the very top and the left side are paid search or PPC ads (see picture below).

ppc example miami seo paid search

Pay per click advertising if done correctly can be very beneficial to the bottom line of the company. The results that it provides are fast and dependable if appropriately developed. One of our clients originally started their PPC campaign with a $50,000 monthly ad spend and over a period of two years have grown their PPC ad spend to 1.5 million a month. This great success led Google to do a case study on this amazing use of Paid Search. Building a successful Paid Search campaign is no easy feat. There is a lot of strategizing, testing, research, analyzing, creativity and hard work that goes into creating a successful PPC campaign.

The first step in creating a PPC strategy is information gathering this process involves a lot of research and questions asking. Some of the key information we gather are the Cost per Action (CPA), the PPC budget and what page you are attempting to drive traffic to also known as the landing page. The Paid Search campaign is then built around a set of keywords that we believe will be searched by someone that could be a potential prospect for the company’s services or products. These campaigns are then tweaked by market segmentation for a variety of factors such as: geographic location, time of day searched, day searched, and device used to conduct the search. These campaigns are then broken into ad groups which contain a text ad that will display when a user types in a keyword within the target segment. PPC campaigns can get very granular and complex so therefore special software and technology is used to manage hundreds of thousands of these campaigns.

Understanding the Google AdWords interface is important since the functionality of the software is dependent on the functionality of the Google AdWords interface. Therefore, all our associates are AdWords Certified.

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