What is a company’s homepage? Think again. A company’s home page now is Google because that’s where the majority of searches begin and the results that are seen on Google are usually the first thing that the potential client sees before they visit your page. If the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is scattered with negative reviews and negative information these results can deter potential clients from doing business with the organization. Below is a sample of a negative SERP and a case where an Online Reputation Management program would be recommended.

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Many corporations actively seek to monitor and optimize their online reputation management by acquiring real estate property and then optimizing those sites to dispel any negative listings on the 1st pages of Google. There are several techniques used to optimize your online reputation but this is the most popular and effective. Another step involves building the authority of those sites by Link-Building and pointing them to the main site of the client. In my opinion the business’s reputation is extremely important because of the effect that it has on the brand and the difficulty that is has in repairing. People are more likely to speak about a negative experience than they are to speak about a good one. The internet makes it easy for those consumers to spread the bad news so it’s imperative that companies monitor it to make sure that their brand is protected.

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