It makes me so happy to see my son’s love for learning. It’s inspiring to see how hungry he is to learn and fun to watch his insatiable curiosity as he reads, counts and explores the world around him. He’s not even two yet but already he’s surpassing my expectations by learning how to count in English, Spanish, French, Japanese and Indonesian. He’s also reading books, pronouncing new words phonetically, knows his shapes, colors (in English & Spanish), animals, opposites and is starting to learn basic math. I’m confident he’ll be able to do some elementary mathematical operations by his 2nd birthday this summer. As a first time dad it’s a little scary to see how fast kids can learn but it’s also encouraging and it inspires you to devote more time to teaching them and challenging them, in my case my son is challenging me right back. Watch Eli count in 5 different languages in the now viral video.

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