Look at this Forrester marketing survey.

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92% of marketers that took this survey agree Social Media’s effectiveness for marketing will be growing in the next three years. Most agree that its effectiveness will increase, more than all the other marketing channels.  Another lesson that I learned was the importance of having good technology in place in order to actually be able to manage large social media accounts and multiple accounts.

We employ cutting edge technology to do very fast what it would take a human being an entire day to do. This cuts down on unproductive time and allow us to handle multiple accounts with minimal human data entry and action. However, it is still up to the team to come up with the appropriate strategy to use for the company and its goals. Social Media also plays a very important part in Search Engine Optimization. According to research Google now takes into consideration “Social Signals” which are tweets, Facebook updates and social media commentary in order to rank websites. This is important to businesses because in order to continue ranking for their keywords using social media is essential.

An added layer of social media marketing is paid social ads also known as Facebook ads. Facebook ads are very similar to PPC ads but have a visual element of a picture.

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The main differentiators of Facebooks ads over Google PPC ads are that it allows you to select the target demographic very precisely. You can choose age groups, interests, sex, relationship orientation and sexual orientation as well as the other demographic factors that you can also use on AdWords.  Facebook ads are like direct mail expect much cheaper and possibly more effective depending on the structure of the campaign and of the actual ads themselves. In order to have a successful ad it takes a good knowledge of your target market and their interests. The better your target profiles and the closer your ads speak to the target the higher your click thru rate and the higher the conversions.

Another factor is also the landing page, some believe that it’s the most important part of the equation, since it is the landing page that captures the information that the organization needs in order to follow up with the potential client. The landing page and ad both should have a call to action that motivates the viewer of the ad to click on it.

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