Search engine optimization is the process of improving visibility of a website in search engines. It is also known as natural search or organic search. SEO provides the biggest margin of return of all the online marketing channels. Through the process of SEO highly relevant keyword traffic is driven to the target website. If you need help with your SEO you have come to the right place Jeff Zelaya is Miami’s Leading SEO consultant and available to help you rank higher on Google.

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Achieving prominent position in search results helps to improve brand equity, brand stickiness and more importantly it helps drive traffic to your site. The higher the website is on the search engine results page the higher percentage of clicks it will get. The chart below provides a breakdown of the click thru rate from organic search.

miami seo organic results google

Depending on a the volume of searches being done every day for the target keyword the higher positioning could translate into millions of potential revenue. Search engine optimization is done thru a variety of methods. The first step is to learn how the search engine work and rank websites. Optimizing the site can include adding content to the site, fixing the coding of the site in order to allow it to load faster, increasing the relevance and the amount of targeted keywords on the site. We can teach you how to find the right keywords whether your market is national or only located in Miami, FL.

Google also uses backlinks as “votes” for any particular site. The more links the targeted website has from other sites the higher it will rank.  In total there are several hundred factors that the Google algorithm uses in order to rank sites. Although only the employees at Google know the actual algorithm and also change it frequently thru research, testing and our advanced technology we are able to drive results for our clients.

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