Another part of SEO is local SEO.

Local SEO is the optimization of a business’s contact, address information and complete listing/profile.

This optimization allows the search engines to easily share the business information with those that are conducting searches. Dentist Offices, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Pet Shops, Plastic Surgeons etc.. All of these organizations can benefit from local SEO.

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Here is a Local SEO example for Hair Salon:

Hair Salon in Silver Spring - An example of Local SEO

Hair Salons could benefit from Local SEO

This Search Engine Result Page (SERP) shows hair salons in my vicinity. Google classifies the results not just on how close it’s located to the user but it also looks at other factors such as completeness of information, upload pictures, reviews, keywords, REVIEWS and a variety of other factors.  This is important for businesses because the proliferation of mobile devices that have access to the internet and are used for tasks such as finding a nearby restaurant has exponentially grown throughout the past couple of years.


Businesses should perform Local SEO because it improves their website ranking on Google and therefore increasing their exposure and click-thru rate which means the amount of clicks that the listing receives. With Local SEO you are also able to track conversion and ROI (remember it’s ALL about the ROI). In other words if someone calls because of the ad that they saw on Google, We will be able to track that and present you with reporting on how your investment in your services are generating them a return on their investment.

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