Congrats on being the {insert percentage here} of LinkedIn!

Jeff Zelaya - Top 1 Percent of LinkedIn Most Viewed Profiles

Top 1% of LinkedIn?

You think I would be happy to receive this email from LinkedIn?

Kind of hard to feel accomplished when it seems like everybody else got the same email. Facebook should follow suit with a “Congrats on being alive today” campaign. I’m sure everyone will quickly flood my timeline with how excited they are that Facebook recognized their amazing achievement.

Sorry to sound so cynical, but I believe we just fell for a huge LinkedIn marketing scheme. LinkedIn sent a similar message to about 20 million people! That’s about the population of Dominican Republic, Switzerland and Jamaica…combined.

Still feeling special?

LinkedIn’s stock is soaring since it’s revenue have exceeded analyst forecasts for the 7th straight quarter since their IPO. In order to continue with this growth they are looking for fresh new marketing ideas and this “Top 10%” marketing scheme was one of them.

If you fell for this scheme you weren’t alone…the fact is that this marketing tactic is working. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bloggers. Heck, even Herb Greenberg from CNBC was bragging about being in the LinkedIn elite 1 percent on air (the guy must own LinkedIn stock).

Just see the  live TWITTER stream below with folks boasting about their LINKEDIN accomplishment.

People are now adding this to their LinkedIn resume along with the accomplishment of being Time’s Person of the Year in 2006. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has another special message for you….he wanted me to tell you

“Congratulations on being the 1% of LinkedIn…you are special, just like everybody else.”

Thanks for the reminder Jeff! Don’t get me wrong, I still love LinkedIn and am a LinkedIn believer, but this marketing campaign left a bad taste in my mouth.

Maybe next time LinkedIn should just send the email to the top .0001%.

LinkedIn Meme Top 1 Percent Marketing

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What do you say? Smart or Sneaky?

Leave your comments below…and the top 10% of the comments will get a very special prize :-)