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LinkedIn Is Not For Everyone

As much as LinkedIn has changed my life for the better, it will not work for everyone. Some people are better off not using LinkedIn at all. Although, I do recommend that everyone give it at least a try. I’ve been pleasantly surprised many times when I initially thought that LinkedIn wouldn’t work for a certain career, industry or person but then I turned out to be wrong. As a LinkedIn speaker and trainer – I’m motivated by the success stories that I’ve heard from my students. If I could just impact one student in my class in a positive way then my job’s been done. Check out this short excerpt from my LinkedIn workshop for the Broward College Alumni group.

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Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya

Senior Account Manager at Triblio
Thanks for checking out my blog post. I live by the motto: "If you help enough people around you reach their goals, then you too will reach yours". Therefore, I combine my love of helping others & of business to teach individuals & organizations how they can leverage content marketing, LinkedIn & social selling to reach their goals. I live to inspire, engage, educate & entertain. I'm an Entrepreneur , Public Speaker & a Marketing Consultant . Click here to learn more about me or here if you would like to contact me directly.
Jeff Zelaya


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Jeff Zelaya
Jeff Zelaya

2 thoughts on “LinkedIn Is Not For Everyone

  1. Lamar Morgan

    While there may be some businesses out there which cannot benefit from using Linkedin, my business is not one of them. Quite honestly, I have been truly amazed how Linkedin works its magic. It is not what I do for my own business that really seems to matter. Ironically, the value to my business comes from what others bring to me and I bring to their business…first.

    Linkedin, from my perspective, is not about waving the flag of your own business, but waving the flag of someone else’s business…first. Linkedin is The Golden Rule applied to business.

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