Todrick Hall - Profile Picture


Todrick Hall is the mastermind behind the new viral video “The Beauty and The Beat.”

The new YouTube video was uploaded yesterday and it already has over 70,000 views. You might recognize Todrick from his other viral hit: Beyonce End Of Time Target Flash Mob. That video has racked up nearly 6 million hits and I’m sure that The Beauty and The Beat will do even more than that….especially now that it’s also being featured on the very popular Tosh.0 blog.

I stumbled on the Ghetto Beauty and The Beast video today as I was browsing Reddit and found the video to be creative and hilarious. The Reddit crowd seems to agree as thread currently has over 1700 upvotes and the top comments are actually positive feedback and appreciation for the guest appearance of YouTube superstar Antoine Dodson of  “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife” fame.

I then proceeded to share the video on Facebook, as have many people. Currently, Todrick Hall’s Facebook Page is showing over 103 shares that have been attributed to his original Facebook post. I’m pretty sure that number is way higher overall because of people finding the video from other sources such as Worldstar Hip hop, Reddit, YouTube and Twitter.

When my wife came home I was excited to show her this new video as she is a fan of the Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson – Ratchet Girl Anthem and this video has the same vibe as that one. I pulled up the video and proceeded to show her when about a minute into the video she exclaimed “this video is racist” “I can’t watch this anymore.”

If you haven’t watched the video. Press play below. I need your honest opinion on this.

What do you think? Is “The Beauty and The Beat” racist? or is it just an innocent humorous creative form of expression? Leave your comments below.