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Is The YouTube Video “The Beauty and The Beat” Racist?

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Todrick Hall is the mastermind behind the new viral video “The Beauty and The Beat.”

The new YouTube video was uploaded yesterday and it already has over 70,000 views. You might recognize Todrick from his other viral hit: Beyonce End Of Time Target Flash Mob. That video has racked up nearly 6 million hits and I’m sure that The Beauty and The Beat will do even more than that….especially now that it’s also being featured on the very popular Tosh.0 blog.

I stumbled on the Ghetto Beauty and The Beast video today as I was browsing Reddit and found the video to be creative and hilarious. The Reddit crowd seems to agree as thread currently has over 1700 upvotes and the top comments are actually positive feedback and appreciation for the guest appearance of YouTube superstar Antoine Dodson of  “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife” fame.

I then proceeded to share the video on Facebook, as have many people. Currently, Todrick Hall’s Facebook Page is showing over 103 shares that have been attributed to his original Facebook post. I’m pretty sure that number is way higher overall because of people finding the video from other sources such as Worldstar Hip hop, Reddit, YouTube and Twitter.

When my wife came home I was excited to show her this new video as she is a fan of the Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson – Ratchet Girl Anthem and this video has the same vibe as that one. I pulled up the video and proceeded to show her when about a minute into the video she exclaimed “this video is racist” “I can’t watch this anymore.”

If you haven’t watched the video. Press play below. I need your honest opinion on this.

What do you think? Is “The Beauty and The Beat” racist? or is it just an innocent humorous creative form of expression? Leave your comments below. 

Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya

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13 thoughts on “Is The YouTube Video “The Beauty and The Beat” Racist?

  1. karla martin

    exploiting stereotypes is a sound way to do comedy. and before pulling out the racist stick to slap at it, you have to realize the intent. it’s art. and it hardly probes, honestly. i just watched it a couple times and couldn’t pin point any exceptionally objectionable clip. overall, it’s just playing up some nuances; not really putting anyone down.

  2. ugk

    Your wife is correct.
    This is a sickening video. I am Indian and i didnt find this remotely funny.
    I find it even sadder that black people were involved in making this kind of crap.
    Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Dr John Henrik Clarke, Martin Luther King Jr etc would all be rolling in their graves.
    The white man does not make the image of the ‘white people in trailer parks’ the standard global stereotype of the white race.
    Yet the ‘Black people in the ghetto’ seems to be the number 1 depiction of black people in the western world. And ‘Black people hacking each other with machetes’ as the number 1 depiction of Black people in Africa.
    This is pathetic
    I hope by black brothers and sisters wake up soon and stop playing along with this agenda

    1. Chelsea Sigler

      I’m white and have a lot of friends who live in trailer parks, and they think parodies of trailer parks are hilarious. I live in a neighborhood with a bunch of stay-at-home moms and I think parodies of housewives and neighborhoods are hilarious. This video was funny, to black and white people. “White people in trailer parks” may not be the standard global stereotype, but it IS one of them, and there are many more, which have all been poked fun at. As long as it’s done in a way that’s light-hearted and not malicious (which this clearly wasn’t) it’s fine. Half the problem with this would is that people like you take things waaaaay too seriously. There’s a reason why people like Dave Chapelle and Eminem have done so well….. more people appreciate their art and comedy than think thet they are offensive. And on that note, most of what is now considered genius art was once considered offensive. Remember when you could only write music about God? Well what do you think the guy who wrote “If music be the food of love, sing on, sing on” was talking about? Not God.

  3. StevenH

    Thanks for asking the question. I don’t think it is racist, but I can see how it might make some people uncomfortable. I actually think it promotes a positive race discussion, as it makes white folks (like me) recognize how white-oriented some tales like Beauty and the Beast are. I also like how the ultra-white “bougie” Belle is completely at ease with the ghetto characters as they are with her. This is a positive. I certainly don’t equate the ghetto characters as representing all blacks anymore than i think Gaston in the animated story represents all French or all white men.

    This video is hilarious and i love it.

  4. joxel

    I do not think this video is in any way racist. It is, however, stereotypical, but truthful in doing so. This video is more comic like by using these stereotypes, as they can be seen in other places such as MadTV, comedic performances (dane cook, gabriel iglesias, george lopez etc.), and even on “who’s line is it anyway?” In America, such things arent viewed as racist since we are exposed to them every day in comic ways as part of life so other people not used to it might think it is. I think this video is simply made for artistic purposes and for fun, let ’em be! Its a cool video! :p

  5. Jim

    I completely agree. Every race, creed, gender, etc in the world has at least one stereotype and one of the best ways to ease the harshness of those stereotypes is through comedy. Have you ever heard of a roast?? It’s the exact same thing except it’s being done to a specific person, not directed at a group of people. If done right, it’s hilarious to those watching and the person being roasted alike. I too know many people who live in a trailer park. Some of which fit the stereotype to a T, some would seem perfectly natural on fifth avenue. The whole “political correctness” vibe is going too far. We need more laughter and light-heartedness in the world. If we would all take ourselves a little less serious, life would be much better for all of us.

  6. Matt

    Consider how exaggerated it was for Belle to traipse through her home town being obliviously fascinated by how the “regular folk” live, and the regular folk fixating on how different Belle is. I thought this was a pretty genius take on what that must be like today–or rather, how impossible it is for that point of view to be expressed today given how careful we all must be.

  7. Beauty and the Beat

    I didn’t find the Beauty and the Beat racist at all. I guess if it was made by a bunch of white people then maybe I’d see how it would be offensive but if people want to poke fun at their own race I think it’s all good. Just like making fun of your own religion is usually OK but if you made fun of other people’s beliefs you’d most likely offend some people.

  8. Derek

    Lol, can’t tell who it’s racist towards. The black people acting rediculasly gheto, the Mexican man being shot at, or the dumb ugly white chick that is prancing around in a stupid dress. I hunk this video acctuly is racist, but in a good way. It is tearing down the wall of racism by saying, “Hey, it doesn’t matter what skin color you have, we can all laugh at ourselves!” the reason why there are more black people being made fun of because it was made by black people, and black making fun of white, or Mexican would have definantly seemed racist. But they chose to have fun and laugh at the “typical” view of gheto blacks today. Laughing at it in a way as to say, (lol, we all know that blacks went all realy like this.) I give great applause for this video, along side “The Whitest skids You Know” for continuing to tear down the race wall by chooseing to not get Offended, but realize that the only way to tear it down is to learn to laugh at yourself. Now I’m going to go watch Duck Dynasty! Peace y’all!!! 😀

  9. Babs

    While this video might not be considered “racist” because is made by a black man and most of the stereotyping is about blacks, who do you think is watching this? I guarantee it is a vastly white majority of teens, and it is doing nothing but helping to form their views on the black culture, and its permitting them to laugh at blacks. Don’t get me wrong, it is funny, if you’re one who thinks its okay because it is put out by a black artist, don’t get mad when whites look down their noses at blacks.

    1. matt

      I’m gonna go ahead and give kids the benefit of the doubt and trust them to get obvious satire. Please don’t assume whites won’t get it. (Now we play racist tennis, your serve)

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