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Hey Ladies! Does your man have a hairy back?

I stumbled on this contest today on Twitter and couldn’t help but laugh out loud and share. Although, this idea might sound a bit odd and scary from a marketing perspective I think it’s innovative and fun. One thing that I noticed is that the ad target is WOMEN. The ladies are responsible for taking the pic, submitting it and hopefully winning the gift certificate. Hopefully, they decide to spend the winnings on their man and not themselves. Weigh in and tell what you think about this promotion? Good or bad?

First Annual Hair Back ContestProps to the marketing team at the Dermatology and Laser Center of Charleston.




Jeff Zelaya

Jeff Zelaya

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Jeff Zelaya


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Jeff Zelaya
Jeff Zelaya
Jeff Zelaya

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4 thoughts on “Hey Ladies! Does your man have a hairy back?

  1. Lisa D. Sparks

    I actually like the contest. I think the copy associated with it could have more pop. They can get a lot of traction out of this, maybe even post pictures of famous hairy backs like Larry the Cable Guy, etc. Very cool and attention-getting. I’d like to see before and after pics of the person who wins. Will he give a testimonial? Did the hair removal hurt? Has it improved his life? Did he leave his current partner because he was getting hit on so much by other women? Lots of fun can be had with this whole story/contest. Will be interesting to see what happens next! – L

    1. Jeff Zelaya Post author

      Hi Lisa! Thanks for your input. I like the idea about famous hairy backs. It’s like a train wreck – you can’t help but not look away. lol I agree this contest tells a great story and there is lots of potential if executed in a strategic way.

  2. Nicole Benvenuto

    It’s borrowing some good thinking from some of the Old Spice ads by targeting women as the consumer. I was definitely reminded of “the man your man could smell like.” The only problem I see is that they’re making the assumption that women are the drivers in men making a decision to get laser hair treatment. That seems like e a very personal decision to me! Would be great to see the results. Thanks for sharing (I think ;))

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