google-plus-invites-Miami-Jeff-ZelayaSo you came here for a Google+ Invite right? Well I got one for you but let me warn you ahead of time first.

Google+ is a Facebook Killer. Okay….maybe not yet but mark my words Google+ has some real potential to steal a big portion of Facebook’s market share. I didn’t always think this way. I admit I’m a Google fan…I use Gmail as my main email, I use Google Maps over Mapquest and like 90% of America it’s my #1 choice for search. However, I wasn’t thrilled by their execution of projects like Google Buzz or Google Wave. So when I got my invite to try Google+ I didn’t have high expectations and maybe because of that I was pleasantly surprised. Right away you notice that Google does borrow bits and pieces of various social media platforms. It’s got a Facebook style updates with extra bells and whistles like the ability to bolditalicize and strikeout certain words. The pictures are bigger and much easier on the eyes and the icing is that you don’t have to share these pictures with your whole network. Privacy settings are superb with the creation of the Google Circles. Sure Facebook also has lists and groups..but like I ranted about today on the Social Chats Radio Show, the key is the intuitiveness and the simplicity behind creating a circle. It makes it fun, natural and easy to create and use.

Besides circles the “hangout” feature is a Skype challenger. The ability to video conference with up to 10 of your friends at the same time with great seamless quality is quite the pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect it to work as good as it did. Okay…so I’m sure by this time you’re done reading my rant and I’m sure you want to experience what I’m telling you for yourself. Well here’s your chance! If you would like to receive a Google+ Invite enter your information below and I’ll get one out to you right now.

How does Google Plus Work