Secret Sauce Consumer MarketingWhen It Comes to Consumer Marketing, Creativity is the Secret Sauce

If I knew the secret to successfully marketing everything, to everyone, every time, I probably would not tell you what it was. The business advantage to having that exclusive information would be immense. However, the main reason I am not sharing that information with you is that I don’t have it. In the real world, such information doesn’t exist. And we have to live within the constraints of the real world.

That said, there is much you can do within those constraints to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing.

Creativity is the Key to Consumer Marketing

Let’s face it. There are more wrong answers than right answers when it comes to marketing success. You would think that we would quickly learn what doesn’t work, and move on to what does. But humans are not entirely rational beings. If we are convinced something should work, we will keep trying it, convince that the next time it will succeed.

While some like to quip that what I just described is the definition of insanity, it really isn’t. You try to twist a stuck lid off a jar. It doesn’t work the first time, or the second. Is it crazy to keep trying? Of course not. What would be crazy is if you stopped trying that method, and picked up a hammer.

Business people can become very emotional about their favorite sales tactics. Even if those tactics only meet with limited success. In the back of their minds, they may know that creativity is the key. But creativity is hard, very hard. They may not have the ability to think creatively. So they continue with the methods they know. Such methods include:

Lowering prices in a race to the bottom

Resorting to negative campaigning against a competitor

Selling features instead of benefits

There is nothing creative about these tactics. They are easy, cheap, and largely ineffective.

Outsourced Creativity

You can’t teach creativity. You can recognize the seeds of creativity, and encourage it. But if you don’t already have it, you will need to look outside of yourself to find it. That is nothing to be ashamed of. Creativity, like anything else, can be outsourced. In the point of purchase (PoP) arena, creativity is easy to find if you know where to look.

Creative Displays Now incorporates two of the most important principals of PoP marketing into their displays:

Making an emotional connection with the product

Making the product a part of the display

Find Creative Ways to Make an Emotional Connection with the Product

If price is your only push, you can still creatively make an emotional connection. Rather than announcing, “Rock-bottom prices!” you can say, “At just $19.99, how many of these can you give as gifts this week? Suddenly, consumers are engaging with your product before they even know what the product is. Those who see this endcap are now thinking about gift-giving, rather than the details of your uninspiring product. You will make sales because of a creative, emotional connection, not because of the lowest price in town.

Make the Product a Part of the Display

Take a closer look at the Platinum award-winning 3M endcap. The use of color is genius. Walking past that endcap, a person is choosing their favorite color sticky before they even know what is on offer. The product and the display are a perfect blend. To see the display is to engage with the product at a barely conscious level.

It is not that price, features, and competitive realities are meaningless. It is just that absent creatively blending emotional context with the product and display, those things do not have the power to sway consumers. Customers only interested in price shopping do not need creative marketing. They are just looking at the big signs with numbers on them. For everyone else, creativity is the secret sauce.