“Feed the Homeless” & “Flamingo Road Church


40 Strong at Feed The Homeless

In June 2009 I was given the responsibility of leading the volunteer efforts for Flamingo Road Church at the Broward Outreach Center. Originally the volunteer group was composed of about 15 mainly young people (18-25) by September 2010 the group had grown to about 40 volunteers with very diverse backgrounds and demographics. In the past year we have fed nearly 900 people with 200 volunteers and have raised over $1000 in donations. In October 2008, The Broward Outreach Center awarded us Top Volunteer Group award for our growth and consistent efforts throughout the past year. This was one of the best and my first social media case studies that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on.

Top Volunteer Group Award

These results were a direct result of the marketing efforts mainly thru social media outlets. Facebook was a primary driver in creating awareness for the events and in drawing in a large base of individuals. Twitter was used to spread the word throughout the community and directly related to recruiting new volunteers and reminding regular volunteers of the event. YouTube helped distribute videos that gave potential volunteers a view of the activity and even a personal face to face plea from me for their support with this event. Partnerships were also created with Broward College and several influential members of the community.

For more information about this event and to participate you can contact us at JeffZelaya@gmail.com

“Nerds Support”

In September I was hired by Nerds Support as a Marketing Manager. Nerds Support is a 6 year old IT outsourcing firm. They have relied mainly on word of mouth to recruit new clients. The owner was now looking into a more focused approached at increasing their marketing efforts. As Marketing manager I strategically planned a complete marketing strategy ranging from traditional marketing such as cold calling and direct mailing to a more modern approach thru social media. This is a great social media case study that shows the power that social media has on a company’s bottom line.



The results in two weeks of implementation have been successful and we are on pace to hit the targets that have been set. Our primary social media presence has been established and we have seen growth in Facebook at 107% on LinkedIn at 148% on Twitter at 132%. Stay tuned to witness more results in the coming weeks.


“Butler, Robbins & White”


BRW is a corporate collection agency that collects debts for international companies, medium and large businesses and even Fortune 500 companies such as ADP. They are a 30 year old company and are looking for ways to establish and maintain a leader role in a competitive industry. I put together a presentation on the importance for the company to embrace social media marketing and to look at it as a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to use it as a way of increasing their leads and customer service. The CEO agreed and subsequently hired me to lead a team of 4 interns on establishing BRW’s social media presence. Below is the presentation and results will be posted soon.


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