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FIU AMAThe AMA has partnered with Jeff Zelaya to bring you their most anticipated marketing workshop this year!

A must attend for any FIU Business Student. Jeff Zelaya, an FIU alum, former VP for the 2011 International Platinum AMA Chapter and “Worlds Ahead Graduate” will be leading a discussion on some great marketing and social media topics (listed below).  Jeff graduated FIU completing 7 paid internships, receiving multiple job offers & several professional recommendations. After graduation Jeff went on to become a sought after marketing, sales, PR consultant and professional speaker. His clients have included Netflix, Rosetta Stone, Vistaprint, Megabrands, Allied Van lines, Lionel Trains.

Date: Saturday, October 26th, 2013

(Spoiler Alert: If you can’t make it but still find it in your heart to help this great cause click here to donate)

Location: FIU MMC Address, FIU Business Auditorium 

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You will hear the following lectures:

Unauthorized Marketing 101
Jeff will share his 10 most valuable marketing lessons that students should learn before you graduate. This lecture is so powerful and educational that it is regarded as a full semester of a Marketing 101 class in 60 minutes. Expect no fluff, just the important stuff that will make you a marketing superstar and put $$ in your pocket.


Social Media Right Now…Now…Now
Social Media changes very fast. What is new yesterday is old today, so that’s why it’s important to know what matters today! In this one hour class Jeff Zelaya will teaching you the top 10 things that you NEED To know about Social Media RIGHT NOW so that you can be a leader instead of just a follower.


The Death of Social Media
12:15pm – 1pm
MySpace is dead, will Facebook be next? What about twitter and foursquare? Jeff Zelaya will be sharing with you insight from experts, futurists and first hand experience about the “death” of social media as you know it now. Aren’t you curious about what happens next?


All of the money collected for this event will go to award a student with a scholarship to fund their participation at the AMA’s International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans in Spring 2014.

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