Advocate Marketing Podcast Jim Williams Interview

We interview advocate marketing expert: Jim Williams, the VP of Marketing at Influitive

I am very honored to have had the opportunity to interview Influitive’s VP of Marketing, Jim Williams. Jim is a friend of Triblio, our CEO (Andre Yee) and now me.

In this podcast I learned a lot about advocate marketing, how to choose marketing metrics to pay attention to and a great example of innovative B2B marketing with product launches, i.e: Bam! TV

Influitive is the leader in Advocacy Marketing and it’s AdvocateHub is helping clients every day increase referrals, leads, recommendations, social engagement, awareness and reviews.

Jim has lead the Influitive marketing team since the beginning and in the past 2 years has developed a finely tuned inbound marketing machine that’s helping Influitive grow 400%!

[Tweet ““Your advocates are associated to your brand they have a stake in the success of your company. They believe in your products.” – @jimcwilliams @Influitive “]

[Tweet ““If you do not have a referral engine that systematically cultivates new business from your existing customers, you’re missing a huge opportunity.” –@jimcwilliams @Influitive #b2bpodcast”]

If you stay tuned you’ll also learn how brands like Lattice Engines (Amanda Maksymiw), Gainsight (Anthony Kennada), Brightcove (Renee Teeley), Deluxe Corporation (Adam Dince) are succeeding with their B2B content marketing strategies.

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Triblio Influitive Advocate Marketing Podcast

Hear Jim Williams from Influitive talk advocate marketing & BAM TV